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The People Behind HighQSoft

Dr. Ralf Nörenberg

Executive Director

Ralf is a partner of HighQSoft and responsible for the management of the company. His responsibilities reach from being the first contact to the customer, leading potential projects through the sales process up to initiating first specification work.

Ralf’s first contact with HighQSoft was during an internship in the 9th grade, where he developed his first small software components. Throughout his studies of physics at the University of Frankfurt, Germany, he partly worked for HighQSoft as a software developer. To complete his studies away from home and on a different topic, he applied for his phd studies in electrical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) on the topic of “Efficient Regression Testing of Electric/Electronic Systems”. This work was done in cooperation with Daimler AG where he was employed throughout his thesis to join Research & Development. In the department of “Specification & Test”, he gained experience in both topics while being responsible for the cross-sectional development and appliance of ISO 26262-compliant test concept and test specification templates covering all branches of Daimler AG.

In 2012, Ralf rejoined HighQSoft GmbH as assistant director for sales, marketing and internal affairs to become a partner with same responsibilities in 2014.

+49 176 10474402
ralf.noerenberg (at) highqsoft.de

Karst Schaap

Manager Server Development

Karst is a partner and founding member of HighQSoft and responsible for the server division of HighQSoft. He is the mastermind behind the Avalon ODS Server and responsible for the categories of data import and data management.

Karst graduated in computer sciences from the Hogere Technische School (HTS) in Enschede, Netherlands. His final assignment targeted at the capturing, management and storage of measurement data of laser scanners for the military domain. Before joining HighQSoft, he was a lead engineer in the development of control knobs for the first navigation systems available. Subsequently, he worked for the archiving of process signals in nuclear power plants.

Since 1997, he is part of the measurement data community of the automotive domain and the main developer of our flagship product, the Avalon ODS Server. Besides, Karst focuses on application model development, data import processes and more and more importantly, the process of archiving and deleting of data in controlled workflows.

Within the company, Karst is the technical expert who has to be convinced of new technical ideas and tweaks. This guarantees that the result always aligns with the ASAM ODS standard and its further development and gives our customers the security of using it.

karst.schaap (at) highqsoft.de

Andreas Hofmann

Manager Application Development

Andreas is a partner and founding member of HighQSoft and responsible for the application software division of HighQSoft. He is manager and coordinator of the products development in the categories of data access and data analysis.

Andreas studied physics at the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany. He works within the domain of software development and test automation of the automotive industry since 1992. At HighQSoft, he has been one of the initiators of the ATHOS systems (core of our Avalon ODS Server) and ran quite a few ASAM ODS projects by now.

Nowadays, Andreas focuses on the development of a modular system to provide companies with products and solutions (thin or thick client) that manage not only their measurement data, but also enable management of the whole test execution flow integrating also other legacy systems. He also is the mastermind behind our 2014 HighQSoft Query Language (HQL), which represents a unique and simple connection between the ODS API and the user’s business logic to initially allow provision of such solutions.

Apart from that, Andreas manages the headquarter offices and organizes everything from the software development iterations up to the equally important coffee supplies.

andreas.hofmann (at) highqsoft.de

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