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ASAM ODS Consulting Services

Our ASAM ODS Consulting

Our ASAM ODS Consulting services supplement our products line and enable us to provide full-fledged ODS solutions to our customers. We can do it all, data import to data analysis. We distinguish between the following four areas of consulting:

  Acquiring ASAM ODS Consulting

Product Development Iterations

linie_grauWe schedule our ASAM ODS Consulting as well as as our product development in short development cycles of 3 weeks. This enables us to flexibly adapt to our customers’ needs. Especially for our web-based solutions, we may frequently deliver additional functionality and involve the customer actively in the development. So specifications may change based on the customer requirements, as end-users have a hands-on at the end of every development cycle.

This approach offers both sides transparency by showing, if the implementation complies with the specification. Thus, HighQSoft GmbH gets direct feedback for further development and the customer receives the desired solution (requirement changes are possible and likely).
In any case, we require a clear and detailed specification for every product development.

We schedule all categories of ASAM ODS Consulting in iterations.

Acquiring an offer for ASAM ODS Consulting

linie_grauIn order to acquire an offer for a solution development, you have to request a consulting offer of HighQSoft GmbH so that we can analyze and specify the customer’s requirements. Based on the specification, HighQSoft GmbH will provide an individual and fixed-price offer .

Did you know? The favorite option chosen by customers is the support package with effort-based billing, which is an order of a number of x man-days of consulting. We then will work out and bill the support package according to the given efforts to solve the customer’s issues. This may include e.g. smaller software development, trainings/workshops, general support, travel expenses or any other type of service/expense.

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