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ASAM ODS Data Import & Validation

Generated measurement data comes in various file formats, data streams or even from other databases. Measurements may contain data of a minute, an hour, a day or even more than a month. Our tools help us with the challenge of standardizing your data in ODS – no matter what. We got several options to cover all variations of an ASAM ODS data import.

(ASAM Copy & Backup Tool)

linie_grauThe ASAM ODS Copy and Backup Utility (Ascoba) is a standalone application that is used with the Avalon ODS Server in order to back up the data of the database (database or ATFx). Ascoba only supports the backup of information between identical application models (security reasons). Ascoba also supports RPC / Santorin Servers. Therefore, you can not only use the tool for ASAM ODS data import but also for export and backup purposes.



Our ASAM ODS data import engine “ModelMapper” is a tool for the development of import mechanisms of measurement data contained in none-standardized file formats into ODS application models. It supports the analysis, transformation and the copying of information between ODS environments and different application models on basis of configurable “jobs”. The usage of the ModelMapper requires a library of jobs, which map all input information of the source to the target (element, attribute, …). Features of the ModelMapper are:

  • Address any instances of the application model (write access)
  • Map information of instances and attributes
  • Zip and unzip files
  • Move files from a source folder into the database

We generally use the ModelMapper to develop flexible and rule-based ASAM ODS data importers for our customers.

Import Tool
(Load Ramp)

linie_grauOur import tool is a configurable, rule-driven tool to develop an ASAM ODS data import software for ODS 5.x databases. The tool contains comprehensive translation and mapping features triggered by the Avalon Notification Services, a file-observer or a command file of the data generator instance. The file import is realized on basis of the ASCII format and targets the application model elements from AoTest to AoMeasurement only. The import tool supports incremental data import as well as a complete check-in of data. Furthermore, it is possible to enhance it with further import rules. Raw-data sources may be an ASAM ODS Server, ATF files, CSV files or any other file format. The data format must be known. The ASAM ODS data import tool is generally used for internal import software development only.

Please mind the software requirements.

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