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ODS Integration Toolbox for Matlab

Our HighQSoft Query Language (HQL) is designed to provide easy access to the ODS API, for developers as well as for end users. For developers, the HQL components allow access via a smart console, a web-service and the HQL library itself. The HQL library is suited best for third-party tool integration.

icon_matlab_gruen ODS Integration Toolbox for Matlab

linie_grauIntegrating Matlab into ODS applications and evaluations has been a long struggle ever since. Until now.

MATLAB® offers to create a toolbox that you can share with others. These files can include MATLAB code, data, apps, examples, and documentation. When you create a toolbox, MATLAB generates a single installation file (.mltbx). The file enables you or others to install your toolbox.

At HighQSoft, we are using this feature to provide a seamless HQL and ASAM ODS integration package for MATLAB. Our toolbox contains Java libraries, programming examples, documentation and help. Hence, we want to provide everything you require for including ODS data in your Matlab. Besides the toolbox, the only information you need for running it successfully is the appropriate connection information to your standard ASAM ODS server.

Setting up the static class paths to these classes and a simple configuration mechanism to access any ASAM-ODS-5.3.0-compliant server is provided along with the JavaDoc HTML documentation for all interfaces. Technical information is provided, which describes how to effectively master this MATLAB integration. Moreover, it contains comprehensive examples of how to get to the measurement data, meta information stored in attributes, and the structure information of the ASAM ODS data model into MATLAB easily.

Please mind he software requirements.

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