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Data Evaluation – Merlin Analysis Server 2G

Our Merlin Analysis Server 2G is a second generation analysis framework to move the task of executing evaluations from the individual engineer to the server. Thus, e.g. automated import processes or certain events in the Avalon server (Notification Server) may initiate an analysis. The results may be whatever you want them to be: A new measurement, a graph, a document, an email,  … . See for yourself, Merlin is a wizard.

Merlin Analysis Server 2G

linie_grauThe process of measurement data evaluation is downstream to any effort of test planning. Any efforts put into test set-ups and objects are made in order to be able to predict the outcome on measurement data and thereby enable product verification.

In the meantime, another challenge appeared as measurement data became large scale. The number of files and data volume has skyrocketed. Engineers and experts in the domain are losing time and resources in manually developing and executing duplicate analysis programs, which they run only once, locally, on their client machines.

The Merlin Analysis Server 2G application offers management of reports and evaluation templates. Furthermore, it provides the workflow control for generating and executing them. The application enables your measurement data management system to register ASAM ODS server event notifications (newly imported measurement). It matches the measurements and its defined MIME type with a corresponding, predefined evaluation in order to execute it altogether.

You can perceive an evaluation as a tree-like structure incorporating calls, analysis programs and parameters.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Merlin-Illustrations.pptxFigure: Design of an evalution processed with Merlin Analysis Server 2G

The analysis program itself is a third-party script, run by the analysis server with the third-party’s tools, such as DIAdem, MATLAB or pure Java.

Merlin’s Merits

linie_grauThe result of an evaluation might be multifaceted and depends on the engineers’ use case requirements. An evaluation may produce simulated measurement data rewritten into ASAM ODS, evaluation reports attached to instance elements or a notification sent to a user group (see illustration 2).
Figure: Architecture of the integration of a Merlin Analysis Server into an ASAM ODS solution

Key benefit of our Merlin Analysis Server 2G is that it moves most of the repetitive analysis tasks to the server. The engineers can then spend their time on specific evaluations. Additionally, analysis results, such as reports, are generated in a standardized manner. Hence, they remain comparable for further evaluation within ASAM ODS. This solution not only allows to process large scale measurement data in a fully automated manner. It also enables a convenient approach for evaluating characteristics over multiple tests as we know it from large scale data management solutions.

Please mind the software requirements.

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