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Avalon ASAM ODS Server Developer Kit

Our Avalon ASAM ODS Server is the reference implementation and fully compliant with the ASAM ODS 5.3.1 standard. The Avalon ODS Server application manages your data according to the standard and offers client tools access via the ASAM ODS API.

Avalon ASAM ODS Server Developer Kit


The Avalon ODS Developer Kit especially addresses developers of ODS client software, suppliers of any ODS software solution or contractors maintaining ODS systems for their customers.

The application has no functional constraints in regard to the Avalon ODS Server Suite and additionally offers

  • enhanced license for developers
  • economical price model
  • 12 months of technical support as well as software updates and bug fixing
  • programming examples

The Avalon ODS Developer Kit may not be utilized in productive environments.

Avalon ASAM ODS Server StarterĀ Kit

linie_grauYou have issues with handling your measurement data? You are new to ODS? Then this is just what you need.

This Starter Kit is designed to provide a package for you to get a working prototype with your data implemented in your environment. The Starter Kit includes the following:

  • 5 licenses for the Avalon ODS Server Suite (1 year)
  • 5 licenses for the ManateeWeb Application (1 year)
  • technical assistance in installation and configuration

Please note that additional services for import process development and data model analysis may arise.

Remarks to all Avalon ASAM ODS Server Software:
Please note that the installation, integration and the training of this test version in combination with openMDM is to be done by openMDM partners and that this offer does not include openMDM itself.

Please mind theĀ software requirements.

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