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   ASAM ODS Solution Development

Utilizing software analysis tools to evaluate measurement data is only a first step. The integration of a whole ASAM ODS solution for measurement data management into your enterprise provides features to run your work-flows. These typically are specific to the processes within a company or even department und therefore require a specific solution. We provide these ASAM ODS solutions based on our Manatee Integration Platform and our Manatee Web Application. We have already covered the generic part and only have to focus on the business components.

ASAM ODS server already in place? ASAM ODS solution still required?

linie_grauIn a typical scenario a customer already owns a running environment with an Avalon ODS Server, but has got no measurement data management application in place.

We at HighQSoft offer a trial of our Manatee Web Application. It is quickly installed and runs with every application model. Furthermore, it provides basic features to browse, search, share and export your ODS data with your colleagues. Application configurations allow to adapt to and to enable specific views and habits, such as individual browsing, searches and data views.

Once you have found out how you want to view your data in respect to your use cases, we can further develop the generic solution towards the solution you want. This implies the following:

Integration of

  • different or new data views
  • individual work-flows and processes
  • specific tools and systems

Our Manatee products allow the development of fat-clients and web-clients. Our approach is bottom-up by providing a solution that integrates in your system environment and integrates into legacy systems that provide supplementing or further functionality.

ASAM ODS Solution Development based on our Manatee products

linie_grauIn order to further develop our generic Manatee products into your solution, we offer a step-wise approach to further enhance the application.

Step 1: Analysis
In step 1, we have to analyse the given processes and implemented systems. The results obtained in dialogue with the end users and the project team are an important one-time task to identify the objectives and benefits of the implementation that we are to develop.

Step 2: Specification
In order to further develop the solution, we require a customer specification of the features that are to be implemented. This includes the definition of use cases of the user to process the measurement data. As you already utilize a basic implementation, we discuss the features that are to be developed in each iteration sprint with the customer. Within each cycle, we may refine the specification to the actual need of the end users.

Step 3: Prototype Deployments
After each iteration cycle, the customer receives a working prototype of the solution. Therefore, the end users are able to evaluate the further development with each step and may influence the development towards the solution they need.

Step 4: Final Deployment
The final deployment is the deployment of the complete solution architecture into the whole business enterprise for all users.

Product Development Iterations

HighQSoft GmbH offers short development cycles of 3 weeks in order to provide additional functionality based on the commonly accepted specification on a frequent basis. Generally, we provide the customer with the solution so that the end users get an impression of how it works. Every 5 weeks, we install an updated version. The customer and HighQSoft GmbH define the content of the features implemented in each development cycle.

This approach offers both sides transparency by showing if the implementation complies with the specification. Thus, HighQSoft GmbH gets direct feedback for further development and the customer receives the solution as desired. (Requirement changes are possible and likely.)
In any case, we require a clear and detailed specification for every product development.

Acquiring an Offer for Software Development

linie_grau In order to acquire an offer for a solution development, a consulting offer has to be requested from HighQSoft GmbH so that we can analyze and specify the customer’s requirements. Based on the specification, an individual and fixed-price offer will be provided by HighQSoft GmbH.

Did you know? The favorite option chosen by customers is the support package with effort-based billing, which is an order of a number of x man-days of consulting. We will work out and bill the support package according to the given efforts to solve the customer’s issues. This may include e.g. smaller software development, trainings/workshops, general support, travel expenses or any other type of service/expense.

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