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ASAM ODS Solutions – a standard for measurement data management

ASAM ODS solutions for Measurement Data Management (MDM) – The organization of ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) is an organization which is home to multiple standards. The standards specify various interfaces and physical storage structures for common utilization between different shareholders of the domain. One of the most popular standards is ODS (Open Data Services). With ODS, it is possible to define physical data storage of test and measurement data.


linie_grauASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems)  is an incorporated association under German law. The members are primarily international car manufacturers, suppliers as well as engineering service providers in the automotive industry.

ASAM coordinates the development of technical standards, which are developed by working groups composed of experts from our member companies. The organization pursues the vision, that the tools of a development process chain can be freely interconnected and allow a seamless exchange of data. The standards define protocols, data models, file formats and application programming interfaces (APIs) for the use in the development and testing of automotive electronic control units.

A large amount of popular tools in the areas of simulation, measurement, calibration as well as test automation are compliant to ASAM standards. Compliance guarantees interoperability of tools from different vendors and allows data exchange without the need of converters. Furthermore, it facilitates the exchange of unambiguous specification between customers and suppliers. – by ASAM e.V.

Link: ASAM e.V.


linie_grauThe organization ASAM administers multiple standards. One of them is the Open Data Services (ODS) standard. ODS (Open Data Services) focuses on the persistent storage and retrieval of testing data.

The standard is primarily used to set up a test data management system on top of test systems that produce measured or calculated data from testing activities. Thus, components of a complex testing infrastructure can store data or retrieve data as needed for proper operation of tests or for test data post-processing and evaluation. A typical scenario for ODS in the automotive industry is the use of a central ODS server, which handles all testing data produced by vehicle test beds.

The major strength of ODS, compared to non-standardized data storage solutions, is that data access is independent of the IT architecture. Besides, the data model of the database is highly adaptable but yet still well-defined for different application scenarios. Despite this flexibility, clients can query the data from the database and still correctly interpret the meaning of the data. This is achieved by various means through the standard. – by ASAM e.V

Link: ASAM e.V. ODS Wiki

ASAM ODS Base Model

linie_grauNext to a standardized interface, called the ODS API, the standard defines the ASAM ODS Base Model specifiying the data base schemes for physical storage. The base model is an abstract model to fully describe all possibilities for deriving a data model for utilization. This is called an application model.

The application model is a derivation of the base model. Its content strongly depends on the domain (e.g. engine), use-case and work-flow of the customer as well as the data generated by project. The task of deriving an application model is usually performed by us.

In order to get a quick overview of the capabilities of the ASAM ODS Base Model, please view our poster.

Link: ASAM ODS Base Model

HighQSoft GmbH as an ASAM ODS solutions company

We as HighQSoft GmbH got more than 25 years of first-hand experience with ASAM ODS solutions. Started in 1990, we are part of the ASAM organization since its foundation. Since then, we have been a leading contributer to the standard of ODS.

Our Avalon ODS Server

linie_grauEven before the ASAM ODS standard was specified, we were one of the initiators who already supplied an AOP3server implementation. Thus, we provided a basis of measurement data management projects. By the time the ODS standard was finalized, we were the first supplier to provied a CORBA-based ASAM ODS server implementation. Today, our Avalon ODS Server Suite is the reference product of the domain and does not only include the server itself but also a great selection of tools for administration and data management. It is widely utilized as basis to various ASAM ODS solutions.

Our Expertises

linie_grau Throughout the years, we implemented hundreds of ASAM ODS solutions and projects into various IT environments of our customers. We gained a profound competence and became experts not only in server implementations but also in systems integration. Hence, we see ourselves as the right partner to implement and integrate your ASAM ODS solution-based measurement data management system into your enterprise in way that it supports your processes best.

All our products are fully compliant to the ASAM ODS standard and therefore support any use-case of the domain.

Our Customers


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