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   ASAM ODS Training

Our ASAM ODS training offers a variety of approaches – straight from domain experts. While no expertise is required for a basic training, we can take it up to increase skills in import or ODS client development. We generally encourage customers to engage in the basic trainings in order to better understand their challenge from a perspective of measurement data management.

Basic ASAM ODS Training (2 days)

linie_grauOur Basic ASAM ODS Training briefs interested individuals, newbies or engineers accompanying a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) in the basic concepts of ASAM ODS in order to understand what a measurement data management solution can offer.

  • ASAM ODS Overview
  • ASAM ODS Base Model
  • Architecture and Integration of an ASAM ODS Solution

Advanced ASAM ODS Training (2-3 days)

linie_grauWe recommend the Advanced Training for ASAM ODS to engineers who require deeper insights into ASAM ODS, e.g. to develop own applications or data model, and to system administrators.

  • Physical Storage
  • Security
  • Details (MIME Types, ASAM PATHs, ODS API)

HQL Training (2 days)

linie_grauWe recommend our HQL training to all skill levels as it provides a full-fledged data access to evaluate e.g. a Proof of Concept (PoC) or a testing environment. You can also use HQL to implement own ODS client software.

  • HQL Overview
  • HQL Syntax
  • HQL Training
  • HQL Demo Installation and License

Advanced Avalon Server Training (2-3 days)

linie_grauOur Advanced Avalon Server Training briefs you on the following topics:

  • Server Configuration
  • Log File Analysis
  • Avalon Control Service
  • Distributor and Fail-Safe
  • Performance Analysis

This training requires preparation of the customer.

All trainings are available to all customers. We strongly recommend a basic training when preparing for or supervising a Proof of Concept (PoC). Generally, we recommend a training in HQL to all engineers working with a productive environment or investigating in developing own ODS client software. All trainings can be organized at the HighQSoft headquarters or on customer site. Either 1 or 2 trainers, depending on number of attendees, specific agendas or target group, support the trainings.

   Ad-hoc Training / ASAM ODS Training Workshops

Specific ASAM ODS Trainings “On-the-job”

linie_grauOur trainings can cover other areas of the ASAM ODS domain, too. These Ad-Hoc Trainings or Workshops are of more specific nature to a project and take place on request of the customer. In these cases, we are generally hired to execute a given task within an ASAM ODS project. In this case, we prepare the task and execute it on-site with engineers to be trained on-the-job.

  • ASAM ODS Application Model Development
  • ASAM ODS Importer Software Development
  • ASAM ODS 3rd level Support / System Maintenance)
  • ASAM ODS Performance Analyses
  • ASAM ODS Client Software Integration

Flexible Support Packages

linie_grauDid you know? The favorite option chosen by customers is the support package with effort-based billing. It concludes an order of x man-days of consulting. We will work out and bill the support package according to the given efforts to solve the customer’s issues. This may include e.g. smaller software development, ASAM ODS Training and workshops, general support, travel expenses or any other type of service/expense. We’re flexible and transparent.

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