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   Quality of Services

Quality Guideline


  • Defined code guidelines
  • Defined documentation guidelines
  • Defined Build System
  • Defined guideline for product versions of each component and the complete system
  • Defined process for the documentation as well as verification of new requirements for software components

Software Development


  • Scrum development process with five-week sprint phases
  • Development only on basis of a specification
  • Defined project and component structures
    – namespace
    – file structure
    – software layering
    – deployment
  • strict separation of „service interface definitions” and “service implementations”

Backup and Security


  • Updates for new or further developed operation systems
  • Updates for virus scanners
  • source code backup via SVN repository
  • daily backups (at least)

Product Testing


The Avalon ODS Server is tested with the following approach:

  • Creation of a database from the given ATF/XML
  • Start of server application
  • Test programs create elements / attributes with also random data
  • Test programs change security options and check data visibility
  • Test programs read created data instances

You run the test programs seperately for each server configuration (SVCVAL SVCVAL_SPS / Linux / Windows / Oracle / 32 or 64 Bit / Java version). If all tests are successfully completed on all configurations, the server version is released.

A test run consists of more than

  • 14000 opened and closed sessions.
  • 100 parallely used sessions.
  • 6 million server accesses.

There are about 160 test programs with more than 800 test cases. One test run takes more than 5 hours on one state-of-the-art developer workstation.

Application Development


The testing of individual ODS solution software can only be described by a general approach:

  • service interfaces are tested with unit tests (Mocking) against defined use cases
  • service implementations are tested in a mirrored customer environment (unit integration tests)
  • release notes are provided for individual components and the software system

Importer software is generally tested with dummy data integrated into a mirrored customer environment. Furthermore, it is subject to performance tests.

Bug Fixing


We manage internal trouble shooting and bug fixing, which is a reaction to identified bugs and/or malfunctions, via a “Mantis” system. The customer can access this system to report issues and HighQSoft GmbH uses it to provide an early response. The approach is as follows:
1. Analysis of the customer log files
2. Attempt to reproduce the error on basis of a given or new test case
3. Bug fixing
4. Enhancement of the test suite by new test cases

Also a divergent approach may be chosen if the bug is not reproducible.
The Mantis bug tracking system of HighQSoft GmbH is available at:
Go to bug tracking

For an initial registration, please contact Mr. Andreas Hofmann naming the employee name, company as well as project.

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