Consulting for Test Data Management

At HighQSoft, we provide a variety of consulting and development services within the domain of measured data. We have 25+ years of experience in developing Test Data Management Systems. We go a team of physicists, mathematicians, and IT developers that are aware of most suppliers in the domain worked with most data sources and use-cases from Crash Testing to Windtunnel Testing.
Our philosophy is to provide the necessary solution and integrate it into an existing environment. To minimize efforts, we utilize our generic product stack and component-based Manatee platform. While integration for the backend software (Avalon Server, AReS Server) will be necessary, we offer an out-of-the-box Test Data Management Application: Manatee Web.
We resolved many challenges in data integration, processing, transformation starting at automation systems and ending in big data repositories and data analysis.
We are offering product-based and individual consulting and development services for Test Data Management solutions.

Test Process Consulting / Individual Development

Over the years, we solved many testing data challenges for our customers. Whether you face a challenge with test data processing, data formats, and/or data analysis, we can tackle it.

Our main areas of operation are:

  • Integration of new data types and formats
  • Test data processing & validation
  • Integration of tools and systems
  • Matlab-based developments
  • ATFx / MDF format based developments
  • ASAM ODS integration
  • AVL / Santorin integration

We are happy to consult and verify whether our products and services comply with the challenge and what our approach to solving it is.

Proof-of-Concepts for Test Data Management

Interested in our products and Test Data Management solutions? There is no need to go all-in when there are still obstacles to evaluate.
We offering an initial workshop to identify the challenges and identify a solution that fits the purpose. If requirements are clear, we will engage in a contracted Proof-of-Concept.
The scope of a proof-of-concept is determined by both parties and usually focuses on critical parts that need to be resolved. Thus, it does not imply all straight forward features such as security, advanced data validation, or all use-cases or available data types.
A proof-of-concept is usually limited to 1-2 workshops and limited development for data integration and visualization. The result is a trial version of our software stack that can be evaluated on-site for 1-3 months.

Manatee Platform Development (agile)

Your company is facing a challenge that seems to fit the scheme but you aren't sure whether our products cover it? Please do not hesitate to ask us. Using our Manatee Web Application as an out-of-the-box application, we are ready to further develop and customized it based on requirement specifications. This includes new feature / work-flows / data processes / UIs / graphs.

At HighQSoft, we offer short development cycles of 1 to 3 weeks to provide additional functionality based on the commonly accepted specification on a frequent basis. With every delivery, we install the latest software. This allows the customer to take an active role in the development process as well as the opportunity to steer it in the right direction.

The agile SCRUM approach offers both sides transparency by showing if the implementation complies with the specification. Thus, HighQSoft GmbH gets direct feedback for further development and the customer receives the solution as desired. (Requirement changes are possible and likely.)

In any case, we require a clear and detailed specification for every product development.

Partner Programs

We are offering individual partner programs for sales regions, product reselling, or product integration. We are specialists for the server back-end, data integration, and data services. We probably haven't covered all possible use cases, yet - neither will be able to.

Please contact us with your request and we can assist with:

  • Avalon / AReS Server integration
  • Business Gateway definition and implementation
  • Utilize one interface to your access, manage and analyze your data
  • Manatee Development by Partners

Even if you have another request that we are not thinking of, please contact us.

Request a Proof-of-concept

We are considering ourselves being one of the most flexible and versatile vendors. We have neither hardware nor model dependencies. We are open to any system or tool integration and provide a very versatile HQL query language. We start with a platform-based solution and generic features that we can quickly further develop into a customer solution.

Our philosophy is to provide slim and product-based solutions that match the customers' use-case and integrate well in available environments and legacy systems. We always start fresh with a lean data model that incorporates the testing data as well as project data. Thus, we focus on the business case only.

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