Migrating projects and tools to ODS 6

IIOP Gateway for ASAM ODS 5 clients

Switching to AReS incorporates switching APIs that are not compatible. The IIOP Gateway will assist any migration scenario of ASAM ODS 5 system to ASAM ODS 6.

Namely, the IIOP Gateway
• integrates ODS 5 clients via CORBA
• communicates via HTTP over the network
• provides ODS 6 benefits

The IIOP is a component that can be installed with AReS, on a separate machine, or with the client software. Most and if not all migration scenarios will be resolved with this approach.

HQL as a migration tool

Many customers already built their applications, scripts, or analysis functionality based on the HQL library or HQL web-service. The migration of these tools requires two steps:

• Deployment of AReS
• Installation & configuration of the newest HQL

Now, you are using ASAM ODS 6 via HTTP / Protobuf!

For other migration scenarios please see the other two options of the IIOP gateway and combined utilization of Avalon and AReS.

Avalon & AReS within one setup

AReS will be available for new customers as well as throughout our maintenance program for Avalon. Existing customers can simply download AReS and install it in parallel to Avalon.

• Both servers will work on the same database in parallel providing both interfaces at the same time.
• The licensing model will not impact which server is utilized.

In general, we recommend the IIOP gateway for this approach.


Utilizing ODS5 clients in ODS6 environments


- Migration to ODS 6 clients
- Migration of tools and scripts
- Migration of applications


Using both servers in a mixed ODS 5 / ODS 6 environment

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