The People Behind HighQSoft

Dr. Ralf Nörenberg



Ralf is a partner of HighQSoft and responsible for the management of the company. His responsibilities reach from being the first contact to the customer, leading potential projects through the sales process up to initiating first specification work.


Ralf’s first contact with HighQSoft was during an internship in the 9th grade, where he developed his first small software components. Throughout his studies of physics at the University of Frankfurt, Germany, he partly worked for HighQSoft as a software developer. To complete his studies away from home and on a different topic, he applied for his PhD studies in electrical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) on the topic of “Efficient Regression Testing of Electric/Electronic Systems”. This work was done in cooperation with Daimler AG where he was employed throughout his thesis to join Research & Development. In the department of “Specification & Test”, he gained experience in both topics while being responsible for the cross-sectional development and appliance of ISO 26262-compliant test concept and test specification templates covering all branches of Daimler AG.


In 2012, Ralf rejoined HighQSoft GmbH as assistant director for sales, marketing, and internal affairs to become a partner with the same responsibilities in 2014.


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Hannah Rupalla



Hannah recently became managing director and is now responsible for managing HighQSoft. Her main responsibility lies in the administrative areas, above all human resources. In addition, as part of RA Consulting GmbH's strategic investment in HighQSoft, Hannah is focusing on developing even closer cooperation.


Hannah graduated with a M.Sc. in Management from the University of Mannheim with semesters abroad in the USA and France.


After successfully completing her studies, she started her career at Porsche AG, where she initially worked in sales strategy and was involved in the sales coordination of global subsidiaries. During her time at Porsche AG, Hannah was also the product owner of the first digital service in the vehicle and was most recently responsible for the cross-functional digital strategy.


After her first parental leave, Hannah joined RA Consulting GmbH, where she initially built up the HR department and was responsible for establishing a new strategy process. Today, as Team Lead of Organizational & Business Development, Hannah is responsible for HR, marketing, UI/UX, and the strategy process at RA Consulting. As part of RA Consulting's strategic investment in HighQSoft, Hannah was appointed to the management of HighQSoft in 2024, where she works together with Ralf in administrative areas of the company, with a focus on human resources. In this way, HighQSoft and RA Consulting are pursuing the goal of even closer cooperation in the future.



Constantin Badescu



Constantin recently became CPO of HighQSoft due to his involvement in all recent products of HighQSoft including AReS ODS Server and the Plankton EcoSystem. His responsibilities are the product development, technology assessment, and coordination of the JAVA team within HighQSoft. Next to that, he is the project lead in various customer projects.


Constantin graduated with graduated summa cum laude at West University of Timișoara and a master's degree in mathematics and computer sciences. After this, he worked for Kayser-Threde GmbH for seven years becoming a Senior Software Developer. Most work targeted were C / C++ / Java middleware or client/server applications in the domain of Test Data Management for space and automotive industry customers such as ESA, NASA, AUDI, BMW. At Kayser-Threde, Constantin had multiple ASAM ODS training and project working with Crash Measurement Devices. One of the projects to mention was ZEUS at AUDI, later known as the openMDM application. For Saguaro Technology Inc., Constantin spent 3 years developing Productivity Tracking and Reporting solutions for the IBM InfoPrint Division and leading the development of the web IPM global connectivity solution accessible from any of IBM & Ricoh distributed print centers. In 2010, Constantin joined Allianz as a Senior Software developer diving into the new world of the insurance business. He acted in the ABS Kern development, creating features on which or by help of which the other teams build more specific (police, contract, claim, etc.) insurance components.


In 2011, Constantin looked for an opportunity to come back to his initial domain of crash testing, autonomous sensors, and measurements. He contacted HighQSoft, which he knew from one of the early projects, and found himself working in a small and agile environment with new technologies, again. Over time, Constantin became a progressive IT developer and innovation promotor within the company. He is always looking for both, the challenge and opportunity, of an IT solution. Constantin is strongly focused on agile environments and new technologies.


Since 2021, and with more than 22 years of experience in software development he became CPO at HighQSoft.



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