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Currently we offer 2 possibilities how you can acquire the ASAMCommander.

  1. Download the Avalon Server Suite from your personal downloads area. The ASAMCommander is part of the Avalon Server Suite and can be installed locally.
  2. Use the online version of our ASAMCommander, which you can find here. It does not require any installation. However, you can only connect to ODS servers with this version. Local sources like an ATFX file cannot be connected to.

License Activation

License Instructions
This document describes how to receive a license file and how to make your environment work.
Download: License Instructions

License Activation Website
When owning an activation key for one of our products, please follow this link to generate a license file.
Link: License Activation Website

Reprise License Manager

Reprise License Manager (incl. HighQSoft ISV Server)
Download the Reprise Licence Manager (RLM) to manage your HighQSoft license files.
Link: HighQSoft Download Area

Reprise License Adminstration Manual
This is a link to the official license administration manual by Reprise. Please consult it for details on licensing.
Link: RLM License Administration Manual


Download of our ASAM ODS Base Model Poster

HighQSOft ASAM ODS Base Model
Our popular poster to download as a PDF file.
Download: HighQSoft ASAM ODS Base Model

Download of User Manuals

Description of ASAMCommander plug-in
Link: ColumnEditor

Download of Technical Reference Sheets

icon_avalon_gruen Avalon Technical Reference Sheet
Download: Avalon Technical Reference Sheet

JAVA Library Documentation
JAVA Doc of existing APIs
Link: JAVA Library Documentation

ASCOBA Technical Reference Sheet
Download: ASCOBA Technical Reference Sheet

CORBAFileServer Client Manual, Command line client for CORBAFileServer
Download: CORBAFileServer Client Manual, Command line client for CORBAFileServer

ODS API Implementation
Download: ODS API implementation

Avalon CORBA Notification Technical Reference Sheet
Download: Avalon CORBA Notification Technical Reference Sheet

CORBAFileServer Specification
Download: CORBAFileServer Specification

Schema Definitions
Description of ModelMapper & Co
Link: Schema Definitions


Downloads Avalon User Group Meeting 2016 (May 2016)

ASAM ODS Full Text Search (Indexer)
by HighQSoft GmbH
Why is the expection of having a “Google like search” too easy? A view behind the scenes of ASAM ODS.
Download: HQS-UGM2016-FullTextSearch

The New ODS6.0 Interface
by HighQSoft GmbH
Expectations, current status and outlook for the ODS6.0 interface
Download: HQS-UGM2016-ODS6.0-Interface

Report of the Lab: HQL
by HighQSoft GmbH
Obligatory deep-dive into engineering topics around ASAM ODS and Avalon ODS Server. This time dive into the upgrades and updates of the HighQSoft Query Language for third party application development.
Download: HQS-UGM2016-HQLNews

Report of the Lab: Avalon Server
by HighQSoft GmbH
This yearly Report of the Lab focuses on the further development of the Avalon Server Suite.
Download: HQS-UGM2016-UGM2016-HQS-Report-of-the-lab

by HighQSoft GmbH
Each Avalon Server instance produces one or multiple log files. Also the RLM license server does. A view on a Elastic Search – LockStash – Kibana solution to provide centralized enterprise dashboards on Avalon health and status
Download: HQS-UGM2016-Improved-Log-Analysis-with-ELK

Downloads Avalon User Group Meeting 2015 (May 2015)

by HighQSoft GmbH
Agenda of the meeting.
Download: UGM2015-Agenda.pdf

Introduction, Expectations, Focus
by Dr. Ralf Nörenberg, HighQSoft GmbH
Summary of HighQSoft GmbH activities from May 2014 to May 2015.
Download: UGM2015-HQS-Report2014.pdf

News / Outlook / Visions: Performance and Scalability
by Dr. Ralf Nörenberg, HighQSoft GmbH
Outlook to HighQSoft GmbH activities from May 2015 to May 2016 with focus on big data subjects. Introduction to specific research projects.
Download: UGM2015-HQS-Scalability-and-Performance.pdf

ASAM ODS 6.0 Web Technologie
by Florian Schmitt, Science + Computing AG
Report and Outlook on further development of the ASAM ODS API and CORBA protocol replacement.
Download: UGM2015-S-C-odsnexttech2.pdf

Report of the Lab
by Karst Schaap, HighQSoft GmbH
Obligatory deep-dive into engineering topics around ASAM ODS and Avalon ODS Server.
Download: UGM2015-HQS-Report-of-the-lab.pdf

Avalon Distributor: Scalability and Failure Safety
by Dieter Müller, HighQSoft GmbH
Introduction of our new Avalon Distributor feature supplementing our new Avalon ODS Server Suite 2015 (ATHOS4.5) release. The Distributor allows the load balancing of server request on multiple Avalon Worker instances and contains failure modes for CORBANameService, Avalon Distributor and Avalon Worker malfunction.
Download: UGM2015-HQS-AvalonDistributor.pdf

MDMS – Die Spedition für Messdaten
by Frank Rothe and Holger West, MBtech Group GmbH & Co. KG
Introduction to a full-fledged MDM solution as a service. The presentation includes all aspects of the solution from data generators, automated import and export mechanisms for multiple file formats as well as the data management by ODS via WEB. Next steps are defined in an outlook.
Download: UGM2015-MBtech-MDMS-Die-Spedition-für-Messdaten.pdf

HQL in der Praxis
by Marc Breitling, Robert Bosch GmbH
Report of the Lab from the Product Life Cycle Management (PLCD) at Bosch. Experiences, benefits and limitations of the HighQSoft Query Language Components (HQL) as a basis for web application development are discussed.
Download: UGM2015-Bosch-HQL-in-der-Praxis.pdf

Merlin 2G – HighQSoft Evaluation Server
by Andreas Hofmann and Constantin Badescu, HighQSoft GmbH
Introduction of a new development for integrated measurement data analysis for ODS. Merlin is a framework for running server-side evaluations or import validations allowing standardized results and automization.
Download: UGM2015-HQS-Merlin2G.pdf

New Requirements for ASAM ODS: Big Data und NoSQL
by Stefan Romainczyk, National Instruments Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
Formulation of requirements towards ASAM ODS specification and implementation in order to ensure future stability and access in an ever-changing IT environment.
Download: UGM2015-NI-New-Requirement-ODS.pdf

openMDM 5 Architecture
by Andreas Benzing, Informatik Consulting Systems AG
Overview of the current status of the openMDM 5 architecture.
Download: UGM2015-openmdm-architecture.pdf

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