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HQL – HighQSoft Query Language

We have designed our HighQSoft Query Language (HQL) to provide easy access to the ODS API, for developers as well as for end users. For developers, the HQL components allow access via a smart console, a web-service and the HQL library itself. The HQL library is also suited best for third-party tool integration.

logo_hql_green_small  HighQSoft Query Language (HQL)

linie_grauInitially, the HighQSoft Query Language was a part of the Manatee Integration Platform. Now it is available as separate library components. HQL is to be understood as another abstract layer above the ODS API to manage the communication between a business layer of an application and the ODS API / base model.

Figure: HQL as another abstraction layer above the ODS API

The development of specific ODS client software on basis of the generic ODS API is a challenge that only experts can meet. The application model (database schema) of the ODS server usually contains business entities utilized for the application use case (test, vehicle, user). However, the ASAM ODS API by definition is free of entities of the business logic. This complicates the task of developing an application interface for it.

Our HighQSoftQuery Language solves exactly this issue by providing a more abstract interface, which accepts both base model and application model entities. Features are:

  • Full Support of the ASAM ODS API funtionality
  • distinct OO API without ASAM ODS definitions
  • an interpreter may utilize statements

We use HQL internally to further develop our ManateeWeb Application as well as other applications. At Bosch, the HQL libraries are used for their home-grown PLCD (Product Life Cycle Database) web solution.

Please also see our download section for further experiences, benefits and limitations of the HighQSoft Query Language Components.

Please also view our software requirements.

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