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Measurement Data Management – Manatee Integration Platform

Our Manatee Web products are designed to provide easy access to the ODS API, for developers as well as for end users. For developers, we also offer our HighQSoft Query Language (HQL) components for third-party tool integration, the Manatee Web Integration Platform for application development and our Manatee Web Application for a web-based browsing and sharing of your measurement data.

  Manatee Integration Platform

Our  Manatee Web Integration Platform is a standalone platform that provides a runtime environment as well as a more abstract interface for ASAM ODS based applications. The architecture of the platform is designed to provide a solution for many aspects of an ASAM ODS application. This includes basic service definitions and implementations, libraries and components to handle communication to the ODS server as well as solving functionality to handle base model features.

The main benefit of the Manatee Web Integration Platform certainly is the reduction of time and resources that are required for application development of business and GUI layer components. Thus, the development can concentrate on the implementation of the very same.

Furthermore, an exclusive feature of the Manatee Web Integration Platform is the HighQSoft Query Language (HQL) as an abstract interface to simplify application development – without the need for ASAM ODS API.

We use our Manatee Web Integration Platform for all our products such as Manatee Web Application, Merlin 2G, Tool for Identification of Redundant Data as well as customer solutions.


Figure: Schematic view of an application based on the Manatee Web Integration Platform

The architecture and also the concept of OSGi components enable a high flexibility in reusing components for different applications. This benefits low development costs as well as low maintenance and update efforts.

Infrastructure Layer / ODS Access Implementation:

  • Platform dependencies
  • Technology dependencies
  • Infrastructure services (file handling, scheduling, communication, …)
  • ASAM ODS Query implementation
  • Model caching service
  • Multithreading and solution performance
  • ODS client and helper services

Application Layer

  • Navigator service definition
  • Equipment management service
  • User and access rights service
  • Test sequence management (planning, ordering, …)
  • Measurement access

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