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Measurement Data Management – Manatee Web Application

Measurement Data Management with our web-based Manatee products. All products are designed to grant simplified access to your measurement data in ODS. To begin with, our Manatee Web Application is an out-of-the-box Measurement Data Management solution (MDMs) to offer a basic set of features that are independent to your application model. As it is based on our Manatee Integration Platform, the application can be customized to your requirements quickly. To integrate our products into your systems or tools, we also use our highly flexible HighQSoft Query Language (HQL).

icon_manatee_gruen  Manatee Web Application (Basic Web)

Our Manatee Web is a measurement data management (MDM) application that grants end users a convenient access to their ASAM ODS database. For instance, the web application initially provides users with functionality to quickly and dynamically browse, search for, bookmark, share and export their measurement data – and all that as a configurable product which is independent of the application model used.

Furthermore, the integration of third-party tools like DIAdem allows quick processing of the data for domain-specific analysis. Administrators have intuitive access to features as e.g. user group and user management and the Avalon ODS Server Control Service.

Figure: Architecture of the Manatee Web Application

Key Features

linie_grauThe application is based on our Manatee Web Integration Platform. Therefore, it is suitable for integration of new end user features and implementation of specific company use cases.

Key features of the application are:

  • data browser – a very flexible data navigator with configurable navigation trees, presentation of instance meta-information and dependencies, tabular and graphical channel quick view, presentation of AoFile dependencies
  • data search – with multiple and configurable search patterns and a HighQSoft Query Language (HQL) console to create favorite searches
  • favorites and cart – for measurement data and searches
  • data sharing with colleagues – without creating redundancies and the data leaving the database
  • data export options – export your data to CSV and ATFx
  • third-party tool interfaces (e.g. DIAdem)
  • user group and user management
  • application administration

The Manatee Web application relies on the requirements of the ASAM ODS base model only. Therefore, the application is ready-to-use and independent of the application model used.

Infrastructure Layer / ODS Access Implementation:

  • Platform dependencies
  • Technology dependencies
  • Infrastructure services (file handling, scheduling, communication, …)
  • ASAM ODS Query implementation
  • Model caching service
  • Multithreading and solution performance
  • ODS client and helper services

Application Layer

  • Navigator service definition
  • Equipment management service
  • User and access rights service
  • Test sequence management (planning, ordering, …)
  • Measurement access

Please also view our software requirements.

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