Log4j Announcement

Please regard the following for our products: We are NOT using Log4j within our products NOR do we have a direct dependency on it.


Also, HighQSoft always publishes log activities in files and does not use Log4j servers. Therefore, other third-party components MAY NOT exploit the identified issue within HighQSoft products.


If there are any questions or remarks, please contact us.

HQL 3.0 - New version released

Today, we released a new version of our HighQSoft Query Language. This new major version includes a consolidated distribution, ASAM ODS 6 compatibility, advanced Matlab ODS integration, and many bug fixes:

  • HQL Command-Line (ASAM ODS 5, ASAM ODS 6, ASAM ATFx-read)
  • HQL Library (ASAM ODS 5, ASAM ODS 6, ASAM ATFx-read)
  • HQL Web Service container (ASAM ODS 5, ASAM ODS 6)
  • HQL Web Service standalone (ASAM ODS 5, ASAM ODS 6)
  • Matlab ODS Toolbox (ASAM ODS 5)
  • Matlab ODS Extension (ASAM ODS 5, ASAM ODS 6, ATFx-read)

HQL is a versatile and easy-to-learn query language to access measurement data in ASAM ODS solutions. The HQL library assists data analysts and engineers in their daily work to evaluate data and helps developers to integrate new tools and processes into the enterprise test data management solution.


The HQL Web Service can be used together with the HQL Gateway to provide a global entry node for web applications, users, and analysts.

We released the IIOP Gateway in version 1.0. The gateway is a generic bridge component that allows “ASAM ODS 5”-based applications to access ASAM ODS 6 servers transparently. I can be utilized for ASAM ODS 6 migration scenarios, limiting CORBA to intermediary servers, and enabling enterprise scalability via tools such as Kubernetes and Docker. Bridging ASAM ODS 5 to ASAM ODS 6: IIOP Gateway.

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