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  openMDM measurement data management

Being the mastermind behind the initial ZEUS project at AUDI AG, now better known as the openMDM application and community, we own a lot of expertise working with the application. Our Avalon ODS Server is backbone to many productive environments and utilized by various customers and partners of ours.

What is openMDM?

linie_grauOpenMDM is a measurement data management application. It consists of a kit of components and concepts used to compose specific applications for measurement data management systems.

The community targets at building component-based features to whole data management systems. These features may differ in functionality and use case. The concept inherits an openMDM API, representing a common platform for business applications, and the application itself, represented by business and GUI components. It is possible to construct new applications from existing components, but they vary in implementation of business and GUI components.

All applications describe measurement data with a full syntax defined based on the openMDM Application Model. The application model is a predefined model based on the ASAM ODS standard, therefore inheriting its benefits, too. The applications are naturally bound to the openMDM application model.

Unique to any application is, that it is possible to design the data model based on templates by the integrated configuration and administration tools. This allows the application model to evolve during runtime.

Key aspects to any applications are features to manage the data, evaluate results and descriptions (metadata). Integrating measuring systems and tools of 3rd party vendors in the openMDM application is possible by utilizing given interfaces.

The openMDM Eclipse Working Group furthers the development of components and concepts . All components and concepts are published under the Eclipse Public License.

openMDM and HighQSoft

linie_grauWhile a great number of openMDM systems runs on our Avalon ODS Server, we did not participate in the development of applications in version 4. In order to provide combined solutions, we are in contact with one of our regional partners to provide expertise in that domain.

Being a founding member of the openMDM Eclipse Working Group, we closely follow up and work with the community to develop openMDM 5. HighQSoft got a subsequent chair in the steering committee and quality committee of the community.

Once a running application is available, we will decide whether to join the application development for end customers ourselves or only offer defined services around the application.

linie_grauPlease contact us about your Proof of Concept. We gladly answer your questions and provide you with the required information.

openMDM 4

linie_grauMainly AUDI developed OpenMDM 4  for internal measurement data management systems. Although many derivations of the application exist, verison 4 is the most common version of the application. For this reason, it defines the scope of functionality called openMDM. In implementation, the application is a fat-client. It is possible to enhance it to specific domains and use case by enhancing or creating new software components. It also allows the integration of 3rd party tool vendor software based on defined interfaces.

Throughout the years, the application was further developed and a scope was defined. In 2008, AUDI published the openMDM API and common business components as open source. The objective was to involve further OEMs and Tier 1 companies to utilize a common platform for measurement data management on top of ASAM ODS. Based on the common platform, customers were able to get new components for their processes. A number of software suppliers supported this approach.

In 2014, the openMDM Eclipse Working Group formed up to develop a whole new version of the application – version 5.

openMDM 5 application and community

linie_grauThe new Eclipse Working Group was founded to take the application on a new and web-based level in implementation. Thus they could achieve another objective: the integration of multiple suppliers and OEMs to collaborate in a neutral organization. The working group wants to foster and support an open and innovative ecosystem providing tools and systems, qualification kits and adapters for standardized and vendor independent management of measurement data in accordance with the ASAM ODS standard.

In particular, the working group will

  • define requirements for the development of the core system and its related components.
  • develop and maintain a standardized, generic business object model detailed by the ASAM ODS application model and the corresponding interface definitions.
  • help to create, fund and oversee Eclipse projects that provide the necessary software components.
  • provide the resources for managing the quality and the maturity of these components throughout the life-cycle.
  • ensure open innovation through the sharing of the research, development, and maintenance efforts as far as possible.
  • foster exchanges between academics, standardization organizations, industry partners and community.
  • provide and maintain methods and best practices for standardized and vendor independent measurement data management.

(by https://www.openmdm.org/working-group)

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