ASAMCommander: Analysis

Product Sheet ASAMCommander: Analysis Target Audience • Engineers
• Analysts
Server Support • AReS ODS6 Server
• AReS Libertas ODS6 Platform
• ASAM ODS6 Servers
ODS Version • ASAM ODS 6.1 Operation System • Windows 7, 10
• Windows Server 2018, 2019
• Linux glibc 2.14 or higher
Server • Tomcat
• jBoss
... or similar
Java Support • Oracle JDK 8 or 11
• AdoptOpenJDK 8 or 11
Highlights • Flexible & Scalable Analysis
• No Technology Dependency
• Standardized Analysis Results

Our ASAMCommander is a modular web application for ASAM ODS-based Test Data Management systems (TDMs). Out-of-the-box, it provides basic features for end-users, IT administrators, and analysts. It works with any data model and thus can be installed for any domain and use case. ASAMCommander provides a good starting point for Proofs-Of-Concept or customized enterprise solutions.


The basic ASAMCommander is an application for engineers and end-users that are interested in exploring measured data. Features provide an extended data navigator to browse and view data according to the user's preferences. Multiple types of search allow quick entry points to the data. An integrated HQL query console provides analysts with a quick research option. Helpful features such as bookmarks, exports, and integration of third-party tools round up the experience.


The ASAMCommander: Analysis module targets engineers and analysts that must apply custom analysis to their measured data. Features provide a UI-guided approach to include scripts of any language and technology to run it on data kept in the Test Data Management system. Of course, any technology works and the framework is scalable.


Being developed on our Manatee Platform, ASAMCommander is an application, which can be customized and extended in scope flexibly. New modules, features, and workflows are easy to add or integrate.

ASAMCommander: Analysis

Integrating custom analysis has always been a challenge for ASAM ODS-based systems. The market offers a higher number of analysis tools such as ASAM ODS rich client applications. Algorithms can conveniently be developed and executed from within the tools. However, how does this translate to Global Enterprise Test Management Systems and bringing the algorithm to the data?


This is why we developed the ASAMCommander Analysis module, It integrates our backend Merlin Analysis Server into a user-friendly UI. Merlin is a technology-independent framework to integrate analysis into ASAM ODS-based systems. This allows engineers to run any kind of algorithm, whether in native JAVA, Python, or a SPARK job, or a bound to a runtime such as Matlab or DIAdem, as an orchestrated service.


Evaluations in the ASAMCommander Analysis module consist of a SELECT, TRANSFORMATION, and OUTPUT statement. All statements can be customized and contain multiple steps. Scripts can be uploaded to the system and can be executed manually or based on triggers.


All job executions are monitored and each job can be reviewed including inputs, output, notifications, and logs. Integrating analysis into a Test Data Management system has never been more flexible. Please look for more information on our Merlin Analysis Server product page.

Evaluation Manager of ASAMCommander

Job Monitor of ASAMCommander


Custom Algorithms

You are set on your ways and/or your favorite analysis tool? We won’t stand in your way. Develop your evaluations based on customizable data inputs (SELECT), upload your function (TRANSFORMATION), and configure how the output is handled by our Merlin Analysis Server. The approach allows the fully customized design of evaluations. Each evaluation may even involve different runtimes, for example, Matlab and Python.

Works with all technologies

Our Merlin Analysis Server orchestrates algorithms by handling all inputs, execution calls, and fetching the results. The framework is technology independent and allows the execution of any kind of algorithm. Server-side runtimes may be required to run the analysis. For example, Matlab scripts require a Matlab runtime.

Standardized Analysis Results

Server-side integration of analysis results in comparable results. Evaluations are transparently managed including author and version information while security prohibits any tampering with the setup. Results are comparable and reproducible.

Reduce Efforts with Automation

Save valuable time running analysis! Execute jobs whenever possible or when a new test data set is imported to the system. Our AReS ODS6 Server and AReS Libertas ODS Platform provide an Event Service that captures any change in the system and can be used as a trigger for evaluations.

Bringing the algorithm to the data

You are bringing the algorithm to the data. Use backend resources without transporting the data to client machines – and scale your analysis performance. Multiple runtimes can be integrated and the number of job executions can be adapted to data center resources.

Job Monitor

All evaluations executed by the Merlin Analysis Server can be monitored via a dashboard. Additional information about the number of successful or terminated jobs as well as other statistics is available. Log-Information for each job execution is provided.

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