HQL Gateway

Single Node Entry Point

While using a single instance of the HQL web service will provide sufficient performance and scalability for mid-sized projects, some enterprises may need to go even further.

The HQL Gateway is designed as a scalable single note entry point to enterprise Test Data repositories. All queries from different applications, locations, and for different projects can run through one node while being distributed to a horizontally scalable backend.

The services is provided as a HTTP(s) REST service and may connect to multiple Test Data Management projects.

Product Sheet HQL Gateway Version 1.0 Status Released Date May 2021 ODS Version ASAM ODS 5.3.1
Java Oracle JDK 8 or 11
AdoptOpenJDK 8 or 11
Highlights Single-Node Entry-Point

Use-Cases for the HQL Gateway

Single Node for Multiple Projects

Multiple Projects come with various data repositories, different application models, and service names that must be distinguished. If projects are independent and don’t interact, for example when they are in different business units, each project has its infrastructure. When targeting an enterprise system, the HQL Gateway operates as a single gateway to all data.

System Scalability

When more and more users are accessing the system or automated algorithms generate a higher workload, the systems must be upgraded. The HQL Gateway is a single node with a scalable backend. Using Kubernetes, for example, multiple nodes of HQL web service can be included to provide enough sufficient performance. Microservice technology can be used for scalability and administration.

Systems integration

The HQL Gateway is a flexible entry node for enterprise solutions. It detects whether a project is run with ASAM ODS 5 or ASAM ODS 6 servers and addresses resources accordingly. Thus, it allows merging new and old projects within one service.


Fail-Safe Mode

The HQL Gateway comes with satellite fail-safe mode in a microservices environment. The setup covers for single nodes failing while guaranteeing that the system operability is provided. The main objective is to provide a 24/7 level of operation.


Load balancing is one of the key features provided by the HQL Gateway. While all queries are run through a single node, they are processed by a scalable number of HQL nodes. Depending on setup various kinds of load-balancing can be implemented to suit the requirements of the system.


The HQL Gateway allows centralized monitoring of all requests and how they get processed. This assists the administration of the overall system and complements operationality by keeping an overview of the fail-safe and load-balancing features.

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