IIOP Gateway

Bridging ASAM ODS 5 to ASAM ODS 6

The ASAM ODS 6 API uses a completely different communication dialect (HTTP REST) than ASAM ODS 5 (CORBA). The adaption of ASAM ODS 6 is a big change and challenge in the technology stack of the customers.


The IIOP Gateway is a generic bridge component that allows “ASAM ODS 5”-based applications to access ASAM ODS 6 servers transparently. The gateway behaves as a full-fledged ASAM ODS 5 Server towards client applications while representing a regular ASAM ODS 6 client to the ASAM ODS 6 Server. The communication between the IIOP Gateway and the ASAM ODS 6 Server is done via HTTP and Protobuf. Thus, the IIOP Gateway continuously translates ASAM ODS 5 requests into ODS 6 requests and back.

Product Sheet IIOP Gateway Version 1.0 Status Released Date May 2021 ODS Version ASAM ODS 5.3.1
Java Oracle JDK 8 or 11
AdoptOpenJDK 8 or 11
Highlights Single-Node Entry-Point for HQL

Features / Benefits

ODS 6 Migration

When having an ASAM ODS-based system in place, migration efforts to ASAM ODS 6.1 are required. All tools, scripts, and batches must be updated to the HTTP interface. This is where the IIOP Gateway helps. It can be installed as an intermediary server providing the ASAM ODS 5 API to client applications that still require it. From there on, all communication is done via HTTP and Protobuf.

Eliminating CORBA

Eliminating CORBA due to restrictions in enterprise security and firewalls has always been a priority of customers. With the IIOP Gateway, the server infrastructure can solely operate on HTTP and with port restrictions. Solely the IIOP gateway needs to run on an intermediary server or the near client application machines.

Upgrading to JAVA 11

Upgrading to JAVA 11 or higher is a challenge. Among others, the CORBA libraries are not part of the delivery package anymore. Its support is discontinued. With the IIOP Gateway, the CORBA libraries are only required for the process - not as a global machine. Therefore, a migration to higher JAVA versions is not a problem anymore.

Enterprise Scalability

The IIOP Gateway allows eliminating CORBA from most aspects of the whole Test Data Management infrastructure. Limiting CORBA utilization to the IIOP Gateway enables full-fledged HTTP-based systems. Thus, it enables the utilization of tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Yarn, or MESOS.

Reduction of calls

The number of calls for one request is dramatically reduced for ASAM ODS 6. When using the IIOP Gateway close to client application installations, the network traffic will be reduced by a lot. Ultimately, this reduces time as latency per call is avoided. The benefit is especially existent when working cross-location or via VPN.


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Visualization API

The IIOP Gateway is ready to be used in a production environment for data visualization. This is available today!

Production API

The IIOP Gateway is ready to be used in a production environment for data manipulation and transactions.


The IIOP Gateway is ready to be used in ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) production queues for data imports.

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