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ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) is an incorporated association under German law. The members are primarily international car manufacturers, suppliers as well as engineering service providers in the automotive industry.
ASAM coordinates the development of technical standards, which are developed by working groups composed of experts from our member companies. The organization pursues the vision, that the tools of a development process chain can be freely interconnected and allow a seamless exchange of data. The standards define protocols, data models, file formats, and application programming interfaces (APIs) for use in the development and testing of automotive electronic control units.

A large number of popular tools in the areas of simulation, measurement, calibration as well as test automation are compliant with ASAM standards. Compliance guarantees interoperability of tools from different vendors and allows data exchange without the need for converters. Furthermore, it facilitates the exchange of unambiguous specifications between customers and suppliers. – by ASAM e.V.

HighQSoft GmbH and ASAM e.V.

At HighQSoft GmbH, we got more than 25 years of first-hand experience with ASAM ODS solutions. Starting in 1990, we are part of the ASAM ODS standardization and joined ASAM e.V. right when it was founded. Ever since we have been a leading contributor to ASAM ODS and a contributor to ASAM MDF.


All our products and solutions are fully compatible with the ASAM ODS standard. Thus, we provide our services to customers in any domain for managing and analyzing test data generated from, for example, engine test stands, wind tunnels, battery testing, Noise-Vibration-Harshness (NVH), or autonomous driving (ADAS).


Today, we are represented in the following boards and working groups:

  • ASAM e.V. Board Member
  • openMDM 5 Steering Committee
  • ASAM ODS und MDF technical Working Group
  • ASAM BODS (Big ODS) technical Working Group

In all groups, we work on the further development of the standard as well as represent customers and their requirements

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