AReS Gateway Development started

17. May 2021 HighQSoft GmbH
17. May 2021 - HighQSoft GmbH

Today, phase 1 of the AReS Gateway "Scale and Balance" development started.


The AReS Gateway is an ASAM ODS 6 Server implementation based on the Plankton microservices platform, where each piece of ODS functionality is encapsulated into a micro-service and, therefore, globally accessible, polyglot available, and on-demand scalable.

As a result, any number of AReS ODS 6 Servers, either local or remote, can be registered as a NxService. Any service will be discovered by Plankton. Thus, Test Data Management systems based on the AReS ODS 6 Server systems can be scaled for additional performance or number of users. Load balancing and fail-safe features are provided in addition to increase the fault tolerance of the whole system

This work package is one of three phases of the AReS Gateway development:

  1. Scale and Balance
  2. Aggregate and Combine
  3. Monitor and Logging

We will keep you posted!

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