More robust, secure, and user-friendly

Libertas 24.1.3 brings a series of significant improvements and new features designed to enhance your experience. Here are the highlights of this release:


  • Bearer Token Authentication: In addition to Basic Authentication, users can now log in using Bearer tokens (JWT), providing more flexibility and security in accessing the system.
  • String Length Compliance: Libertas now strictly enforces string length limits, aligning with industry standards to ensure data validity.
  • New String Data Support: This release includes support for additional string data types, enhancing the system's capability to handle diverse data formats.
  • UTF-8 Character Set Support: Full support for the UTF-8 character set is now available, ensuring proper handling and display of international characters.
  • Automatic User Group Assignment: New users authenticated via OAuth can now be automatically assigned to a default user group, simplifying user management and access control.
  • Consistent File Downloads: Downloaded files will now consistently use the application/octet-stream content type, following industry recommendations for better compatibility.


These enhancements and fixes are part of our ongoing commitment to improving Libertas, making it more robust, secure, and user-friendly.


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Enhancing Stability and User Experience

We are pleased to announce the release of ASAM Commander 24.1, packed with enhancements geared towards boosting stability and enhancing user experience across various modules, including some design upgrades throughout the entire application.


Web Application Enhancements

  • Commander: Now supports localization in both German and English, alongside fixes for reload/refresh functionality, and the addition of module highlighting in the Navbar for better navigation.
  • Navigator: Has undergone improvements, addressing issues with the Export feature within the Navigator Tree, refining the instance editor, and rectifying data type inconsistencies.
  • MoMa: Now includes Elapsed Time in its monitoring table, enhancing its functionality.
  • Bookmarks: We've upgraded the Bookmarks feature with keyword highlighting, improving search clarity.
  • Search: Fixed pagination issues within Advanced Search, ensuring smoother navigation through search results.
  • Merlin: We've resolved issues related to the Run feature in the HQL Job Type, ensuring seamless operation.
  • Logger: Say goodbye to hostname identification issues! We've enabled container identification by name, ensuring accurate logging and traceability.


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Enhancing Performance and Stability

Libertas 23.2.2 introduces several key fixes and improvements aimed at enhancing the performance and stability of the platform. Here's a summary of the notable changes:


  • Performance Improvements: The data-create endpoint for PostgreSQL now benefits from multi-value insert statements, resulting in significant speed enhancements, with observed import time reductions of up to 50% in test environments. Additionally, batch size configurations for both data-create and data-update endpoints have been introduced, providing flexibility and optimization options.
  • Model Read and Data Update Fixes: The release resolves problems with model reading for non-super users and ensures correct behavior of the data-update endpoint when handling empty values.
  • Database Connection Pooling: A production-ready database connection pool has been implemented to increase connection reuse and mitigate the risk of reaching maximum connection limits. Configuration options are available via Manatee settings.
  • OSGi Shell for AReS: A new OSGi shell for AReS has been introduced under the 'ares' command, enabling management of Libertas connections and resources via CLI.
  • Database Recovery and Session Timeout Configuration: Libertas runtimes now support automatic recovery after database restarts, minimizing service interruptions. Session timeout mechanisms can also be configured via 'config.xml' files.
  • Enhanced MS SQL Server Support: Improved support for MS SQL Server includes better transaction and connection handling, handling of large parameter queries, and ensuring compatibility with MS SQL Server SQL dialect.
  • Tagging Support: Libertas 23.2.2 introduces support for tagging via HTTP headers, facilitating integration with tools like Postman.


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Elevate Your Data Management Experience

We're thrilled to announce the latest release of ASAMCommander, packed with numerous enhancements and improvements that promise to elevate your user experience to new heights. Our team has been hard at work in the AC 23.3 work package, focusing on stability, performance, adding new functionalities and refining overall design to ensure you get the most out of ASAMCommander.



Web Application Enhancements

  • Navigator: Experience enhanced data visibility across various tabs, including Data View, Attributes, Instances Navigation, and Attachments. Effortlessly export measurement data directly from the tree nodes.
  • MoMa: Benefit of the addition of importer information, capability to import big files, job duration visibility, and enhanced monitoring capabilities.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmark the same element in different lists, with fixes and enhancements for smoother navigation and export capabilities.
  • Search: Navigate through an advanced search with a new design and fixes for better search experience.
  • Merlin: Explore improvements including fixes for evaluation creation, addition of HQL job type, and enhanced upload features.
  • Logger: Gain insights with container name additions to logs table and improved filtering for better analysis.

These enhancements are geared towards making your experience seamless and efficient, empowering you to manage your data effectively.



Happy exploring!


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Gaia-X 4 KI: Streamlining Data Transfer and Management for AI Applications

The Gaia-X 4 KI project, led by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), focuses on creating a robust data and services ecosystem for AI applications in the automotive sector. After two years of research, the project has achieved significant milestones in practical testing, demonstrating its capabilities in areas such as secure data transfer in production and ensuring the accuracy of infrastructure data.


In the production domain, Gaia-X 4 KI successfully tested data transfer for lidar sensor production, addressing safety-critical information exchange between companies. Additionally, the project showcased its effectiveness in maintaining data accuracy for infrastructure facilities, such as traffic lights, through continuous monitoring using Gaia-X's streaming functionalities.


The Gaia-X application scenarios extend beyond these examples, covering various use cases detailed on the project's website. The project consortium, featuring HighQSoft and 12 other partners, will present its achievements at the Hannover Messe in April 2024, offering insights into the technical basis developed for Gaia-X across different application areas.


Picture: "Braunschweig research intersection equipped with sensors for communication with vehicles."

Picture rights: "DLR (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)".


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Gaia-X 4 KI

As an integral part of the Gaia-X 4 KI project, HighQSoft has attended a project family meeting hosted by DLR in Köln on December 7th.


The meeting featured a demonstration of selected use cases, providing a glimpse of the innovative solutions that will be showcased at "Hannover Messe 2024."


A comprehensive status report was presented for the Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility projects, including GX4FM AMS, GX4FM ROMS, GXFM PLC-AAD, GX4FM moveID, GX4FM AGEDA, and GX4FM KI.


Participants discussed the ongoing development of Base-X, a project by a group of Gaia-X participants. Base-X aims to establish a standard for Gaia-X-compliant connectors and services, fostering interoperability and collaboration within the Gaia-X ecosystem.


A presentation provided insights into the demonstration space at Hannover Messe, outlining the collaborative efforts of Gaia-X participants, including HighQSoft.


The meeting served as a discussion forum for all project partners to coordinate efforts leading up to the project's conclusion in May next year. Furthermore, it served as a platform to explore the possibility of continuing collaborative work beyond the project's duration.


Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey of innovation and collaboration.


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Picture rights: "DLR Fotomedien".

Project Launch "Reference Sensor Technology for High-Precision Sensor Validation for Automated Driving" (RepliCar)

For automated driving, the secure perception of the environment is a crucial prerequisite. The sensors and processing chains employed must meet the highest standards of reliability, precision, and realism. Currently, there are no approaches for effective and efficient validation of sensors and processing chains. To create the missing data foundation for sensor validation for automated driving, a reference system consisting of radar, camera, lidar, GNSS, and inertial sensors is to be established and integrated into a test vehicle. This reference sensor system surpasses today's production sensor technology by several years and forms the basis for accurate sensor data acquisition.


The Institute for High-Frequency Technology and Electronics (IHE) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Hochschule Offenburg (HSO), and the Freudenberg FST GmbH are jointly developing a highly accurate radar system, which is a crucial component in the reference system for environmental perception and is periodically described by the Institute for Control and Systems Engineering (IRS) at KIT. The consortium leader, ANavS GmbH, enables the creation of an accurate representation of reality, a so-called "Ground Truth," for use in validation processes through the development of precise environmental perception and highly accurate sensor data fusion.


Within the project, the steps from simulated validation to the approval of sensors and functions will be defined and implemented by the consortium partners AKKA, FZI, IAVF, IPG, and GTÜ. The individual innovations in the validation and testing process for production sensor technology encompass AI methods for analyzing recorded scenarios, a "Sensor-in-the-Loop" test bench, integration into existing simulation tools, and a modular verification and validation process. The partners HQS and RAC are building a high-performance data platform for managing, processing, and providing reference data.


With the help of the mobile demonstrator from Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, initial data is recorded and utilized for the approval process of an exemplary perception system. The project has a duration from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2026, with planned costs of approximately 10 million euros, and is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) with approximately 5 million euros from the federal budget.


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Willsch: 320.000€ federal funding for Idstein-based HighQSoft GmbH

The Idstein-based company HighQSoft GmbH is developing intelligent methods for processing and handling measurement data from different sources and in different formats for the automotive industry. The CDU Member of Parliament Klaus-Peter Willsch visited the company together with André Stolz, candidate for the state parliament and chairman of the district council, and Thomas Zarda, chairman of the city council. For its participation in the joint project RepliCar, HighQSoft receives federal funding of almost 320,000€.


"Recently we got to know HighQSoft GmbH as an innovative company with excellent expertise in cloud platform technologies and highly complex edge-to-cloud systems. It is precisely such companies, where the future is not only thought about, but above all made, that are a great inspiration for our society. The promotion of HighQSoft GmbH is an important building block in establishing our home country as an important player in innovation development," Willsch, Stolz and Zarda share.


HighQSoft GmbH is an internationally leading and independent company that has been developing measurement data management systems (MDM) for over 25 years. Its focus is on the automotive industry, for which customizable as well as scalable software infrastructures are provided for entire companies. These enable the global management and analysis of test and measurement data from a wide range of sources such as engine test beds, wind tunnels, battery testing, noise-vibration-harshness (NVH) and autonomous driving test vehicles (ADAS).


As a location advantage of Idstein, the managing directors emphasised the spatial location on the A3 motorway, but also criticized that the existing internet supply was insufficient for their industry. The local representatives of the various political levels assured that they would do their utmost to quickly remedy the already known problems. The problems described in questions of the law on foreigners and the right of residence in the recruitment of foreign skilled workers will also be investigated.


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#GaiaX4KI Project Meeting at T-Systems in Bonn

On September 26th and 27th, 2023, the #GaiaX4KI project gathered for a project meeting at the T-Systems facility in Bonn. With 8 months left in the project, the "sprint to the finish" was initiated, and plans were solidified.


The first day began with demonstrations of our use cases, which have matured significantly since our mid-term event in March 2023 ( The presentations facilitated in-depth discussions and valuable exchanges, aided by the informal atmosphere. This helped pinpoint existing technical challenges and explore suitable solutions.


Towards the end of the first day and on the second day, the focus shifted to project planning within sub-projects and discussions on the overall structure of the approaching project conclusion. Partner involvement in cross-project activities of the #GaiaX4FM project family was also on the agenda. Concrete proposals from the consortium were discussed and will now be put into action.


With renewed strength and confidence, the project is ready to tackle the remaining project duration. We look forward to a successful finish in May next year!


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HQL 3.3 - Our 2023 Release is available!

Today, we released a new version of our HighQSoft Query Language. This version provides the following features

  • Fixed multiple bugs regarding ASAM ODS 6
  • Fixed behavior for downloading files
  • Improved handling of value matrices
  • Introduced support of OFFSET commands for =DS5
  • Improved error-handling for multiple commands
  • Update of certificates
  • Several minor bug-fixes

Detailed release information can be found in our Confluence products space at which requires a log-in.

HighQSoft GmbH

Black-und-Decker-Straße 17c
D-65510 Idstein