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Measurement Data Management with ASAM ODS2019-05-29T12:35:35+01:00

Andreas Hofmann
Chief Product Officer (CPO)

We are leading innovators
in the domain of measurement
data management -
specialized in server applications
and client integration.

Karst Schaap
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Scalability and Performance
for Large Scale Data?
Our answer is the
Avalon Distributor.

Dr. Ralf Nörenberg
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

We provide everything
to upgrade your
measurement data process
into a swift and
integrated solution.

Measurement Data Management with ASAM ODS
Whip Your Data Into Shape!

Measurement Data Management can be a headache. Multiple proprietary formats, incompatible data structures, and a never-ending stream of new information can make it difficult if not impossible to turn raw data into actionable knowledge. We can help.

With ASAM ODS Measurement Data Management.

At HighQSoft, we are specialized in wrangling your measurement data into something you can use, today and in the future. We offer multiple products and solutions to help you organize and manage data, no matter which volume and format.

We offer standardized data storage compliant with ASAM ODS 5.3.1 and provide web-based measurement data management solutions as well as integrated analysis functionality. Got questions? Just ask!



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