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Test Data Management can be a headache. Multiple proprietary formats, incompatible data structures, and a neverending stream of new information can make it difficult if not impossible to turn raw data into actionable knowledge. - We can help.
At HighQSoft, we are specialized in wrangling your measurement data into something you can use, today and in the future. We offer multiple products and solutions to help you organize and manage data, no matter which volume and format.

Working with standards

At HighQSoft, we are supporting ASAM ODS - a standard for Test Data Organization. ASAM ODS provides flexible test data storage for any type of data and offers a standardized REST API, which many tool providers such AVL, Mathworks, National Instruments, and others, use. ASAM ODS (Open Data Service) is hosted by the international organization of ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) and targets storing, exchanging, and access testing data of any domain.

Integration of multiple data sources to standardized data sets

Centralized data repositories, archiving, and retrieval. Scalable for enterprises

Streamline validation management, streamlined work-flows, and automated processes

Better decision-making based on secured data availability and comparability

Data insights and visualizations, standardized reports

Saved work efforts and better time to market

Automated data acquisition

Testing data is continuously generated from various test fields, vehicles, or other devices. We are automatizing the process of data acquisition and data processing. We are defining the workflow, handle files, interfaces, and data streams. Throughout the process, measurement data is validated and standardized to fulfill requirements on data availability and comparability. Afterward, it is accessible by all stakeholders.

Centralized data repositories

Test Data Management systems store measured data in centralized repositories and make it accessible through a standardized interface.
Our products grant 24/7 data availability for any stakeholder and location allowing end-users to quickly identify, compare, and evaluate measurement data. We are suited to host data from any domain (e.g. Noise-Vibration- Harshness (NVH), Road-Load, Engine, Wind-Tunnel, Crash, Brakes, and other). Also, we dynamically address specific project or company information and combine it with the generated data.

Test data management, visualizations, and process control

Visualization of data is becoming more important with the quantity of data recorded. Graphs and standardized workflow controls are required to work with interdisciplinary teams at different locations.
At HighQSoft, we offer various ways to customize our products into a solution based on your requirements. We are providing web-based applications, business gateways based on our component-based data and services platform, or connectors to commonly used dashboard technologies.

Analysis tool and data analytics

Analyzing the data and gathering new insights is the key objective of Test Data Management and the tasks that improves product quality.
Therefore, we are integrating professional 3rd party tools such as Matlab, DIAdem, and Concerto in our solution. Algorithms can be executed via their fat-client tool or get orchestrated with server-side runtimes.
In addition, we are offering our own domain specifies an SQL-like query library HQL to execute ad-hoc queries or integrate tools and systems.

Why with us?

We are considering ourselves being one of the most flexible and versatile vendors. We have neither hardware nor model dependencies. We are open to any system or tool integration and provide a very versatile HQL query language. We start with a platform-based solution and generic features that we can quickly further develop into a customer solution.
Our philosophy is to provide slim and product-based solutions that match the customers' use-case and integrate well in available environments and legacy systems. We always start fresh with a lean data model that incorporates the testing data as well as project data. Thus, we focus on the business case only.
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