Libertas 23.2.2 Release

15. March 2024 Lucía Blanco Rodríguez
15. March 2024 - Lucía Blanco Rodríguez

Enhancing Performance and Stability

Libertas 23.2.2 introduces several key fixes and improvements aimed at enhancing the performance and stability of the platform. Here's a summary of the notable changes:


  • Performance Improvements: The data-create endpoint for PostgreSQL now benefits from multi-value insert statements, resulting in significant speed enhancements, with observed import time reductions of up to 50% in test environments. Additionally, batch size configurations for both data-create and data-update endpoints have been introduced, providing flexibility and optimization options.
  • Model Read and Data Update Fixes: The release resolves problems with model reading for non-super users and ensures correct behavior of the data-update endpoint when handling empty values.
  • Database Connection Pooling: A production-ready database connection pool has been implemented to increase connection reuse and mitigate the risk of reaching maximum connection limits. Configuration options are available via Manatee settings.
  • OSGi Shell for AReS: A new OSGi shell for AReS has been introduced under the 'ares' command, enabling management of Libertas connections and resources via CLI.
  • Database Recovery and Session Timeout Configuration: Libertas runtimes now support automatic recovery after database restarts, minimizing service interruptions. Session timeout mechanisms can also be configured via 'config.xml' files.
  • Enhanced MS SQL Server Support: Improved support for MS SQL Server includes better transaction and connection handling, handling of large parameter queries, and ensuring compatibility with MS SQL Server SQL dialect.
  • Tagging Support: Libertas 23.2.2 introduces support for tagging via HTTP headers, facilitating integration with tools like Postman.


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