The organization ASAM administers multiple standards. One of them is the ASAM ODS (Open Data Services) standard and focuses on the persistent storage and retrieval of testing data. The standard is primarily used to set up a test data management system on top of test systems that produce measured or calculated data from testing activities. Thus, components of a complex testing infrastructure can store data or retrieve data as needed for proper operation of tests or test data post-processing and evaluation. A typical scenario for ASAM ODS in the automotive industry is the use of a central ASAM ODS server, which handles all testing data produced by vehicle testbeds.


The major strength of ASAM ODS, compared to non-standardized data storage solutions, is that data access is independent of the IT architecture. Besides, the data model of the database is highly adaptable but yet still well-defined for different application scenarios. Despite this flexibility, clients can query the data from the database and still correctly interpret the meaning of the data. This is achieved by various means through the standard. – by ASAM e.V.

ASAM OD Specification

Physical Storage Definition

The ASAM ODS standard describes the physical storage in an SQL schema. Solutions may only offer to provide the ASAM ODS API. Our AReS ODS Server can do both.


The ASAM ODS API is the described interface between server and client. For ASAM ODS 6.x, it is an HTTP/Protobuf interface.


The ASAM ATFx is a defined and fully described XML data exchange format that is usually used to provide measurement data to other parties. Often, it is used for data imports as well.

Our Expertise

Throughout the years, we implemented hundreds of ASAM ODS projects into various IT environments of our customers. We gained a profound competence and became experts not only in server implementations but also in systems integration. Hence, we see ourselves as the right partner to integrate an ASAM ODS solution into your enterprise in a way that supports your processes best.


All our products are fully compliant with the ASAM ODS standard and therefore support any use-case of any domain.

Our Avalon ODS Server is an implementation of the ASAM ODS Standard and provides the ASAM ODS API as a service for any ASAM ODS client.

It comes with many built-in benefits and tested tool compatibility. Usually, we are enhancing the interface for customer projects to allow integrated analysis or additional services.

ASAM ODS in utilization.

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