AReS ODS 6 Server

Our AReS ODS 6 Server (Avalon REST Server) is our newly developed server application. The server simplifies measurement data access by providing an HTTP / REST API and targets integrating multiple storage types into one platform. Next to SQL databases, AReS ODS 6 Server supports Elastic Search, Hadoop / Parquet, and other technologies on the market.


Thus, AReS ODS 6 Server is designed as a data and services platform to grow with the challenges in your enterprise. It is fully integrated with Docker and Kubernetes for managed scalability and deliberately supports data storage with common access in multiple locations. Different user groups may access their data with application model mappings suited to their taste.


AReS ODS 6 Server support our event and key-performance indicator (eKPI) analysis framework, HQL, and Manatee Web. Third party applications such as Matlab, DIAdem, and Concerto are supported as well.

Product Sheet AReS ODS 6 Server Version 20.1.0 Status RELEASED Date October 2020
ODS Version ASAM ODS 6.1
(HTTP / Protobuf)
Database Support Hibernate / JPA / JDBC
- Oracle 11 - 19
- PostGreSQL 8.1
- MySQL 5.x
- and many more ...
Java Oracle JDK 8 (and lower)
AdoptOpenJDK 8 (and lower)
Highlights HTTP / Protobuf
Available tool suite
Variable data sources
IIOP Gateway for ODS 5 Clients

Architecture of a Test Data Management Solution

HighQSoft is an independent provider of end-to-end solutions for Test Data Management. We develop processes to fetch generated test data, link it to project information, and validate it throughout the data import. Once the data is imported, the Avalon ODS Server or AReS ODS 6 Server is a central gateway to all testing data.


With Plankton EcoSystem, we offer multiple ways to scale the system to meet performance requirements. For end-users, we provide state-of-the-art web applications to give required data insights. Furthermore, we integrate data scientists with HQL and provide a server-side analysis framework to integrate third-party analysis.


We offer multiple interfaces at different levels to leverage our software stack.

New Features

ASAM ODS 6.1 compatibility

AReS ODS 6 Server is compatible with the new ASAM ODS 6.1 definitions and interface, thus introducing HTTP / REST as a new interface. Now, it has become very easy to communicate with the server, integrate web applications, or exchange information via JSON. Our AReS ODS6 Server is able to run in parallel to the Avalon ODS Server, providing both APIs for your project. For further migration scenarios, please see IIOP Gateway.

Dispatcher Layer

The Dispatcher Layer is a newly introduced abstraction layer that provides the integration of any data source - including none ASAM ODS physical storage such as Elastic Search or GraphDBs. Ultimately, AReS ODS 6 Server is not only a server but becomes a distributed Test Data Management Platform working with the data sources needed.

AReS Gateway

The AReS Gateway is designed as a scalable single node entry point to enterprise Test Data repositories. All queries from different applications, locations, and for different projects can run through one node while being distributed to a horizontally scalable backend


AReS ODS 6 Server does support Docker containerization. This helps to roll out, maintain, and administrate ODS systems in virtual environments. The utilization of Docker is a prerequisite to system scalability with Kubernetes.


Whether the system is integrated into a local data center or a cloud, containerization is a key element for future scalability. It also enables cloud readiness as most cloud services provide this option. Our AReS ODS 6 Server supports Kubernetes to provide easily managed solutions for the customer IT.

AReS Web Configuration

For AReS ODS 6 Server, we have a new configuration web suite that assists with the installation, configuration, and administration of the server and database. Configurations can be managed, imported, and exported. This is helpful for the ASAM ODS 5 migration, for example. Also, configurations are explained to assist the various use-cases, clients, and data types. Pre-set configurations are also available for system optimization.

shAReS - Monitoring for AReS ODS 6 Server

shAReS is a new web application based on vue.js and part of the AReS ODS 6 Server release. The tool keeps all vital information about AReS ODS 6 Server in one place. One or multiple servers can be managed, monitored, and health data be supervised. Log information can easily be viewed and exported to share with HighQSoft more easily.

  • Multiple Servers
  • Sessions
  • Memory Consumptions
  • Disk Space
  • Log-Information

shAReS is a tool for administrators and systems operations.


Organized & Validated Testing Data

Store any related information together with your measurement data to quickly identify, and compare data - even years after recording. Data validation upon import provides standardized data access and availability for sites, departments, and user-groups.

Centralized Data Repositories

Typically, the Avalon ODS Server utilizes a central database for descriptive data and additional data repositories for mass data. The server manages the access to mass data and original files. The files and data repositories of any type are protected.

Security & Enterprise Authentication

The Avalon ODS Server contains a sophisticated security concept to allow user-groups, roles, and access rules down to single attributes. The security information can be integrated and provided by a corporate authentication system via plug-ins (e.g. LDAP).

Enterprise Scalability

Test Data Management systems may incorporate multiple locations, time zones, and a high number of users. Use-case base on large data sets, high-performance calculations, and resource-intensive rich client applications. The Avalon ODS Server is not only a single-server setup. It provides horizontal and vertical scalability.

Notification- / Event- Server

Every registered event within the Avalon ODS Server can be used as a notification to trigger other system processes. Notifications base on new measurement identification, changes, and new calculation results. Notifications are triggers starting processes within PLM systems, send emails with or begin subsequent algorithms.

Universal Tool Integration

Many tools already integrate seamlessly with our AReS ODS 6 Server,
e.g. DIAdem, Concerto, and many others. In many cases, our software is the basis for homegrown Test Data Management Systems. Typically, these systems are web applications to include corporate processes and use-cases.











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