Our company

HighQSoft GmbH

For over twenty-five years, HighQSoft GmbH has been an international leader and independent partner providing Test Data Management Systems. For our customers from the automotive and related industries, we offer distributed and scalable software platforms for corporate-wide access to testing data. We are a part of the quality assurance pushing vehicle innovations to high-quality series products.

We specialize in taking time-, frequency- and event-based raw data from any source, vehicle, or proprietary format, combining it with valuable use-case information, and turning it into actionable knowledge for your business. We handle everything from data onboarding, validation, management, and analysis integration for a single test stand setup or an entire enterprise.


Our software supports all testing domains (e.g. Battery Testing, Calibration Testing, Emissions Testing, Powertrain Testing, Safety Testing, Vehicle Testing, and more). We offer our IT consulting and development services for our customers in the main markets of Europe, North America, and Asia.

Our Products

Our products are in full compliance with ASAM ODS and can be applied to any measurement data use-case with minimum effort. We are using this "out-of-the-box" starting point to start with a lean solution that we will enhance and customize if needed. This we found to be most reliable to enable customers to describe their requirements. With our Manatee Integration Platform available, we focus on the development of business components, only. This reduces development times while providing the solution the customer wants.

Our philosophy

is to provide slim and product-based solutions that match the customers' use-case and integrate well in available environments and legacy systems. We always start fresh with a lean data model that incorporates the testing data and company data. We don't carry unnecessary restrictions with us but fit the use-case of the company. Thus, we are always flexible for further development, changes, and enhancements as well as future integration of data sources and other departments.

Our know-how

combines both worlds, IT and engineering. As data specialists, we are working with test data for over 25 years and have gathered our expertise over many projects, use cases, and domains. We have been leading contributors to the ASAM ODS standard ever since and helped further developing the standard into the big data domain, specific NVH data models, and adapt to newer technologies.

We're Server Experts

We are server experts developing server-based products and web services. We provide enterprise infrastructures with optimized database management, scalability, and data processing. Our solutions are scalable for higher user numbers, higher processing load and we can incorporate multiple locations. Our expertise is highly focused on the integration of environments, systems, and tools.

Independent Solutions

We are considering ourselves being one of the most flexible and versatile vendors. We have neither hardware nor model dependencies. We are open to any system or tool integration and provide a very versatile HQL query language. We start with a platform-based solution and generic features that we can quickly further develop into a customer solution.

More Questions?

Please send us a note or give us a call. We gladly help you out.

HighQSoft GmbH

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