ASAM Commander 24.1 Release

18. March 2024 Lucía Blanco Rodríguez
18. March 2024 - Lucía Blanco Rodríguez

Enhancing Stability and User Experience

We are pleased to announce the release of ASAM Commander 24.1, packed with enhancements geared towards boosting stability and enhancing user experience across various modules, including some design upgrades throughout the entire application.


Web Application Enhancements

  • Commander: Now supports localization in both German and English, alongside fixes for reload/refresh functionality, and the addition of module highlighting in the Navbar for better navigation.
  • Navigator: Has undergone improvements, addressing issues with the Export feature within the Navigator Tree, refining the instance editor, and rectifying data type inconsistencies.
  • MoMa: Now includes Elapsed Time in its monitoring table, enhancing its functionality.
  • Bookmarks: We've upgraded the Bookmarks feature with keyword highlighting, improving search clarity.
  • Search: Fixed pagination issues within Advanced Search, ensuring smoother navigation through search results.
  • Merlin: We've resolved issues related to the Run feature in the HQL Job Type, ensuring seamless operation.
  • Logger: Say goodbye to hostname identification issues! We've enabled container identification by name, ensuring accurate logging and traceability.


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