ASAM International Conference 2022

30. November 2022 HighQSoft GmbH
30. November 2022 - HighQSoft GmbH

ASAM International Conference 2022

Dr. Ralf Nörenberg joins the ASAM International Conference 2022
with topics in "Towards AD Certification - Integrated development and testing based on standards" as member of the ASAM e.V. Board of directors and Chairman of "Session 1: Seamless Data Management from prototyping to homologation".


"This 5th ASAM International Conference continued the biennial series of ASAM International Conferences that address aspects of ADAS / AD development, with a focus on standardization. This conference series has driven the establishment of ASAM's new domain “Simulation” and led to the expansion of the ASAM OpenX standards portfolio for AD development. In 2022, after a one-year delay due to Corona, we were glad to be able to bring decision makers and technical experts together again to share experiences and discuss possible next steps." - by ASAM e.V.


HighQSoft welcomes Mr. Marius Dupuis the new director of ASAM e.V.

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