HighQSoft is a member of Gaia-X: 4 AI

16. June 2021 HighQSoft GmbH
16. June 2021 - HighQSoft GmbH

HighQSoft GmbH is part of the federal project Gaia-X:4 AI and taking responsibility for data room design, data services, standardization, and integration of AI algorithms in the use-case "Autonomous driving". The project will run for 3 years. HighQSoft targets to provide its products and services as part of the Gaia-X ecosystem.


What is Gaia-X?

Gaia-X represents the next generation of data infrastructure: an open, transparent and secure digital ecosystem, where data and services can be made available, collated, and shared in an environment of trust.


How does Gaia-X work?

The architecture of Gaia-X is based on the principle of decentralization. Gaia-X is the result of a multitude of individual platforms that all follow a common standard – the Gaia-X standard. Together, we are developing a data infrastructure based on the values of openness, transparency, and trust. So, what emerges is not a cloud, but a networked system that links many cloud service providers together.


A Federated and Secure Data Infrastructure

Innovation through digital sovereignty – that’s the goal of Gaia-X. We achieve this by establishing an ecosystem in which data is made available, collated, and shared in a trustworthy environment. The users always retain sovereignty over their data. So, what emerges is not a cloud, but a federated system that links many cloud services providers and users together.


Who is behind Gaia-X?

Representatives from business, politics, and science from Europe and around the globe are working together, hand in hand, to create a federated and secure data infrastructure. Companies and citizens will collate and share data – in such a way that they keep control over them. They should decide what happens to their data, where it is stored, and always retain data sovereignty.


Source: gaia-x.eu

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