ASAM ODS Crosstest 2022

03. November 2022 HighQSoft GmbH
3. November 2022 - HighQSoft GmbH

Testing ASAM ODS Servers and ASAM ODS Clients

In the 2022 cross-test, participating companies came together to review and improve their software in real-world scenarios. The participants helped each other to understand the small differences in the data formats of the various programs and to solve the difficulties that can arise when interpreting this data. It was also possible to discuss ambiguities, ambiguities, and contradictions in the standard, which can then be eliminated in the next version of the standard. BMW AG hosted this event at the BMW Training Academy in Unterschleissheim.


A test sheet was created for each client, on which the test criteria for the individual servers could be documented. It was very pleasing to see that newer ASAM ODS clients also took part in the event. During the event, some of them were able to adapt their software to improve compatibility with the standard. When problems occurred, the helpfulness of the participants was very great and some misunderstandings could be cleared up. The ATFX files could be examined with several clients and validated with corresponding graphical evaluations.


A special thanks for this goes to BMW AG as host. The participating companies at this crosstest were:




  • Müller BBM
  • Siemens
  • Vibes Technology



We can help! With the IIOP Gateway bridges ASAM ODS 5 clients to ASAM ODS 6 systems. Thus, you can run an ASAM ODS 6 server such as our ARes Server or AReS Libertas ODS Platform while taking time on migrating tools and scripts using ASAM ODS 5.


The IIOP Gateway is now available in version 1.2.

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