HighQSoft @Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2022

20. June 2022 HighQSoft GmbH
20. June 2022 - HighQSoft GmbH

Testing Expo in Stuttgart on June 21-23

Test Data Management can be a headache. Multiple proprietary formats, incompatible data structures, and a neverending stream of new information can make it difficult if not impossible to turn raw data into actionable knowledge.


At HighQSoft GmbH, we got over twenty-five years of experience being an international leader and independent partner providing #TestDataManagement Systems. For our customers from the automotive and related industries, we offer distributed and scalable software platforms for corporate-wide access to testing data.


Learn more about our products & services and #ASAM standardization.


For information check our website www.highqsoft.com or visit us at booth 1208 at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2022 in Stuttgart on June 21-23.@automotive testing


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