HighQSoft @konaktiva2022

Ralf Noerenberg HighQSoft
10. May 2022 Dr. Ralf Nörenberg
10. May 2022 - Dr. Ralf Nörenberg

HighQSoft @konaktiva2022

We are an IT company and develop data platforms for the automotive industry worldwide. On May 11th, we're at konaktiva in Darmstadt to offer challenging and fun job opportunities in the Rhein-Main region.


Did you study IT, math, physics, or something relatable? You are keen to start your career in IT?


Visit us at booth C3 @TUDarmstadt @konaktivaDA for chats about new technologies and job opportunities at HighQSoft GmbH! Introduce yourself or let us introduce us to you.


Find more information on our website https://www.highqsoft.com/contact/career/.

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