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Avalon ASAM ODS Server

Our Avalon ASAM ODS Server is the reference implementation and fully compliant with the ASAM ODS 5.3.1 standard. The Avalon ODS Server application manages your data according to the standard and offers client tools access via the ASAM ODS API.

Avalon ASAM ODS Server Suite

For years, our Avalon ASAM ODS Server Suite is the reference server implementation of the ASAM ODS Standard and backbone of the majority of ODS 5.3 compliant data storage solutions for OEMs and suppliers within the worldwide automotive industries. The server is fully compatible with all ASAM ODS features and any Application Model. Therefore, the application receives the flexibility to store and manage measurement data of any technical domain (e.g. Noise-Vibration-Harshness, Road-Load, Engine, Wind-Tunnel, Crash, Brakes, …). It also integrates several Measurement Data Format Files (e.g. MDF4.1, MDF3.x) and provides interchangeability with the ASAM Transport Format file (ATFx).

The generic and platform-independent implementation of the standalone Java server application provides highest standards in performance, session multithreading as well as memory management for Windows and Linux 64-bit distributions. The implementation rests upon CORBA, the ASAM ODS Application Programmers Interface (ODS API) and the ANSI-C Athos Runtime System.

The ASAM ODS API interface definition itself manages the general access to any ASAM ODS compliant data source. It is implemented in the Athos ODS API. Thus, the ODS API uses the object-oriented Athos Runtime System (even today the name Athos (server) is also very common to refer to our Avalon ODS Server), which represents the actual backbone and working engine of all Athos-based products, to provide the basic ASAM ODS functionality. For maximum portability and flexibility, the runtime system is written in plain ANSI-C with the same source code for all supported operating systems (single source).

The unique selling points are:

  • Full compliance with ASAM ODS 5.3.1 features
  • Full compliance and performance with all Application Models and ODS Clients
  • Support of Load-Balancing & Fail-Safe Modes for enterprise scale projects
  • Supports all domains of Measurement Data Management
  • Our Avalon ODS Server is the Reference Server

For a detailed view on the provided features of our Avalon ODS Server Suite package as well as the included tools that make your life easier, please see the sections below. Our Avalon ASAM ODS Server is compliant and widely used with openMDM projects.



AsamCommander Tool with Security Plug-In
The AsamCommander is a Java-based navigator and browser for ASAM ODS data sources. The application allows the administration of the server, the database and security options. The security plug-in works with the Avalon security management interface allowing commands such as: GetSecurityLevel, GetRights, SetRights, SetPassword, … .

The AsamCommander is designed for system administrators.

The ASAM ODS Copy and Backup Utility (Ascoba) is a standalone application to use with the Avalon ODS Server in order to back up the data of the database (database or ATFx). Ascoba only supports the backup of information in between identical application models (security reasons). Ascoba also supports RPC / Santorin Servers.

If required, the Avalon ODS Server application offers extensive customization options due to configuration parameters. It is even possible to set context variables enabling the utilization of different configuration parameters for each session.

The ATHOSConfig tool allows to view and modify the configuration. View your own Avalon ODS Server service:

  • Highlights all parameters not set by default
  • Gives background information about any parameter

This tool is for IT experts only.

The Avalon ODS Server is able to manage external files which may be of any format (q.v. mixed mode option). As the access to files is dependent on the system environment, the ASAM ODS specification (DT_EXTERNALREFERENCE) does not define the process at client side. Of course, the access protocol may define the URL of the file. However, only the client may obtain the file security information. The CORBAFileServer is a generic implementation which realizes the data access with various protocols and security models.

Depending on the set debug level of the Avalon ODS Server, the application produces a comprehensive log file with detailed information on a client call, its processing and the retrieval of information from the database.

The LogViewer contains several features in order to evaluate the processing of information:

  • with the LogProfiler you can analyze the log file to identify problems in the performance of the whole ODS system
  • the LogProfileViewer can run the LogProfiler and visualize its results
  • with the LogSplitter you can generate session-specific log files from the the general ATHOS log file

Therefore, developers can use the LogViewer in order to accomplish the following tasks:

  • abstract a single session for detailed analysis
  • debug ODS client calls
  • performance analysis of the ODS system

The LogViewer is a quite comprehensive tool and requires some know-how of ODS.

Notification Service / Event Server
The notification plug-in is a Java-based enhancement of the Avalon ODS Server. You can install and configure the plug-in to use the CORBA Notification Service (www.omg.org) in order to notify e.g. users via e-mail about registered events within the server. Other ODS clients that use the counterpart of this plug-in are able to receive process information about server events like e.g. the creation of an element, user access etc. This makes it possible to trigger event-based actions. Multiple types of events and filters are available for the CORBA Notification Service.

A notification can rest upon events like a session notification (open, close and will close) or an INSERT, REPLACE, DELETE or MODIFYRIGHTS command.



Avalon Control Service
The Avalon Control Service is an interface to the server application that provides an insight into the state of the server.

Avalon Distributor (Fail-Safe Modes & Load Balancing)
The Avalon ASAM ODS Server Distributor provides all features needed to scale your ODS solution into enterprise level. Introducing the feature to integrate multiple Avalon ODS Server Workers into the ODS solution allows an advanced utilization of system resources, horizontally and vertically. Next to Avalon ODS Server managed load-balancing to always get the most performant ODS connection, a multi-folded approach on fail-safe modes is introduced in order to minimize system failure.

Mixed Mode Option
The Mixed Mode Extension allows storage of information not only within the database itself, but also in external files. It is possible to address them via external references and external components. With ASAM ODS 5.3 it is possible to attach files via AoFile, which allows the management of files within the namespace of the server (e.g. benefits for security and data access). The mixed mode option is used for attaching files (any formats) to data instances or attaching mass data files (e.g. MDF files) to measurements.

High Performance Server Option
The High Performance Server Option optimizes the performance of the data access of the Avalon ODS Server with Oracle, which especially improves the performance of multiple simultaneous user accesses. The realization of the data access occurs by using optimized block sizes and the Oracle transaction handling. This heavily reduces the amount of information transferred in between the server and the database.

Language Bindings
Language bindings for C, C++, Java, Tcl, Perl, Python, Visual Basic and others are available.

LDAP Plug-In
If required, we can add our LDAP plug-in to your Avalon ODS Server in order to establish a connection to your LDAP server for authentication, based on your company security. The connection to any other authentication server is also possible.

Operating Systems
Support of Linux- and Windows-based operating systems as well as Solaris systems (all 64-Bit).

Physical Storage Driver Concept
Due to our layer architecture, we are able to plug new drivers to our Avalon Server. Drivers may enable access to various data sources like relational databases, ASAM Transport Format (ATF), ASAM ODS Servers (all available) or a big data platform / cluster (in development).

Session Watchdog
Our Session Watchdog feature monitors the Avalon Server Sessions and closes them, if they have not been used for a certain time.

UTF-8 Character Set
Our Avalon ODS Server Suite supports the international UTF-8 character set.

Remarks to all Avalon ASAM ODS Server Software:
Please note that openMDM partners are to do the installation, integration and the training of this test version in combination with openMDM and that this offer does not include openMDM itself.

Please mind the software requirements.

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