Libertas 24.1.3 Release

23. May 2024 Lucía Blanco Rodríguez
23. May 2024 - Lucía Blanco Rodríguez

More robust, secure, and user-friendly

Libertas 24.1.3 brings a series of significant improvements and new features designed to enhance your experience. Here are the highlights of this release:


  • Bearer Token Authentication: In addition to Basic Authentication, users can now log in using Bearer tokens (JWT), providing more flexibility and security in accessing the system.
  • String Length Compliance: Libertas now strictly enforces string length limits, aligning with industry standards to ensure data validity.
  • New String Data Support: This release includes support for additional string data types, enhancing the system's capability to handle diverse data formats.
  • UTF-8 Character Set Support: Full support for the UTF-8 character set is now available, ensuring proper handling and display of international characters.
  • Automatic User Group Assignment: New users authenticated via OAuth can now be automatically assigned to a default user group, simplifying user management and access control.
  • Consistent File Downloads: Downloaded files will now consistently use the application/octet-stream content type, following industry recommendations for better compatibility.


These enhancements and fixes are part of our ongoing commitment to improving Libertas, making it more robust, secure, and user-friendly.


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