Klaus-Peter Willsch, member of the German parliament, visits HighQSoft GmbH based on an approved 320.000€ federal funding for Replicar

18. October 2023 Lucía Blanco Rodríguez
18. October 2023 - Lucía Blanco Rodríguez

Willsch: 320.000€ federal funding for Idstein-based HighQSoft GmbH

The Idstein-based company HighQSoft GmbH is developing intelligent methods for processing and handling measurement data from different sources and in different formats for the automotive industry. The CDU Member of Parliament Klaus-Peter Willsch visited the company together with André Stolz, candidate for the state parliament and chairman of the district council, and Thomas Zarda, chairman of the city council. For its participation in the joint project RepliCar, HighQSoft receives federal funding of almost 320,000€.


"Recently we got to know HighQSoft GmbH as an innovative company with excellent expertise in cloud platform technologies and highly complex edge-to-cloud systems. It is precisely such companies, where the future is not only thought about, but above all made, that are a great inspiration for our society. The promotion of HighQSoft GmbH is an important building block in establishing our home country as an important player in innovation development," Willsch, Stolz and Zarda share.


HighQSoft GmbH is an internationally leading and independent company that has been developing measurement data management systems (MDM) for over 25 years. Its focus is on the automotive industry, for which customizable as well as scalable software infrastructures are provided for entire companies. These enable the global management and analysis of test and measurement data from a wide range of sources such as engine test beds, wind tunnels, battery testing, noise-vibration-harshness (NVH) and autonomous driving test vehicles (ADAS).


As a location advantage of Idstein, the managing directors emphasised the spatial location on the A3 motorway, but also criticized that the existing internet supply was insufficient for their industry. The local representatives of the various political levels assured that they would do their utmost to quickly remedy the already known problems. The problems described in questions of the law on foreigners and the right of residence in the recruitment of foreign skilled workers will also be investigated.


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